Renee Slansky features as Dating Expert for Famous Magazine


It’s no secret that modern technology and culture has had a big impact on the way we date. We’ve even managed to come up with new words for old bad habits . Terms such as “ghosting” and “benching” have helped us label and understand a few of the problems we come across when trying to find love. Recently Renee was asked to comment as an expert for Famous Live magazine about what exactly these two phenomenons are and how we can deal with them.

“Renee Slansky is a dating expert and relationship coach and says that ‘ghosting’ might sound new, but is an old problem. 

“This is usually because they have a fear of commitment and don’t want to deal with the emotional backlash of hurting the person they have now run away from. For them it is easier to disappear rather than step up or face the repercussions of telling the person they are seeing that they don’t want to date anymore,” she explained. “

” Meanwhile, ‘benching’, is a phenomenon where people will be talking to you and it’s cute, there’s good bants and general positive vibes and stuff, before they disappear, kind of like ghosting, only to reappear later on when they’ve decided they’re ready to sub you back in. #HARSH

Renee says it’s probably worse than being ‘ghosted’ coz you are left in limbo land, holding onto the little hope they give you. 

“It’s a constant state of being fed just enough to keep you holding on , but never enough to have the full commitment,” she says. “In most cases if you are being ‘benched’ it’s because the bencher is wanting to keep their options open. They don’t want to let you go, yet they don’t want to commit to you entirely either.”


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