Renee Slansky invited to chat on air with Hope 103.2

hope 103 piece

If you missed out on our on air chat with one of Sydney’s popular radio station Hope 103.2 then make sure you click this link to listen and read all about it. Hope 103.2 is a contemporary  non denominational christian station which aims to bring the message of hope to our community through a family friendly and safe listening environment.  Hope is not quick to criticize or condemn and they won’t play on people’s fears  . Instead Hope 103.2 is all about celebrating what is good in society and culture and is a radio station that aims discusses relevant local and global issues whilst always having a positive attitude and an uplifting air .Popular shows include Breakfast with Dan and Our Lifewords podcast Q and A with David Reay. You can tune anytime of the day and hear them at 103.2 MHz in Sydney or listen online at their site

I was honoured to be able to chat to online host and TV personality Emma Mullings  about The Dating Directory and all things to do with love , life, relationships and dating. For those wanting to know more about my story and heart behind my blog as well as then this is a great chance to listen in and hear all you want to know!




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