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Excited to be able to share out latest contribution to the newest hip online magazine  The E Word . Founded by one of our fellow guest contributors Caria Watt, her magazine is an eclectic mix of audio, visual and emotive articles that aim to address all of modern societies agendas.  Renee Slansky has been asked to contribute her say each month and she couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s just a snippet of this month’s article:

 I will be the first to admit that I used to really struggle to love who I was. This was probably because the men I dated struggled to love me. In order to win their approval, I thought I had to be this version of what I thought they wanted or deemed loveable. As you can guess that resulted in a string of very toxic and unhappy broken relationships. It wasn’t till I had the revelation that who I was, was enough that I was able to attract the love I really deserved. It sounds cliché, but once I learnt to love and cherish the real me, I was finally able to experience the relationship I had always dreamed of having…not only with a man, but with myself as well. And here is what I learnt with being able to rejoice in the real me when it came to relationships: 


Truth is, no one can bring to the table what you can. It’s easy to sit back and beat ourselves up and compare ourselves to one another. We all want something that someone else has. But when we learn to celebrate our individuality, we give ourselves this permission to be enough. A healthy relationship is all about being able to be the real you and being loved and cherished for that. Transparency and originality is what will help build foundations of honesty in your relationship. The thing is being a perfect or “ideal” person doesn’t give you the perfect relationship. Being yourself and learning to embrace your differences in a relationship and work together is what will give you the relationship goals you are after.

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