The world of dating just got more exciting when apps for your phone also meant a link to your possible future husband! Meet the dating app called: Fancied.  Dating apps are a perfect way to make finding your perfect match easy, quick and portable. For the women who dread setting up an online profile or are time poor then this little gem is the key for you!

Easy to set up through your Facebook login (as society just assumes everyone has a FB profile!?) you can start building your profile by adding some pics and…that’s it . Yes it is actually all based off your photos, and whilst this may seem superficial it actually mimics real life to a point. Most of the time we initially want to engage with a man because we are attracted to him, and once we get to know there personality we decide whether or not we are interested . Some would say this rules out some of the good guys who may not take the best photo but have the best personality… well ladies we are all adults so keep your options open!


  • Whilst you sign in with Facebook, it doesn’t get posted on your wall…so you can be desperate and dateless without the world knowing #phew!
  • You will only be “matched” if the person you “like” likes you back, so no awkward turning a guy down moments!
  • Easy to use, quick and portable for when you are on the go.
  • Finds matches near your location so you don’t fall in love with someone in another state or country!
  • You can even pinpoint your exact location (thanks to Google maps) and find out who is near you (perfect for stalking?!)
  • The only men that can message you are your matches, and of course you can delete and block them at any time. Win!


  • You only get to write a sentence about yourself, so it really is based off all your photos which can be daunting for some, and by the looks of some of the guys’ photos ( ie: sunglasses on , 5 people in one pic , a wedding photo and the list of bad pics goes on….) they really have no chance!
  • Because this app is relatively new, the man database still needs time to grow, you can invite friends from Facebook to join, but let’s face it, we don’t want people know we are using it!
  • Is it for the serious or the serial daters? Who knows, the fact that it is all based of your looks could mean that perhaps people on it are only after one thing… and I don’t mean making good conversation.


Either way, check it out, have a giggle, find a match and go on a date. Enjoy!

Stars: 3.5/5


You By Sia Mineral Make-up Range


Well almost every girl on the planet loves make-up especially if it is freebie given to you to try out! As we all know everyone is turning to the natural/ green tea/ hug a tree lifestyle and that includes buying goods that don’t only make us feel healthier but also look smashing. I’m talking about Mineral Make-up, there are so many out there it’s hard to cipher through each brand to try and find the golden one! Well look no further ladies, this one is actually one of the best out there (and yes I am a trained make-up artist).

You By Sia is all about nurturing and protecting the skin, so naturally when it brought out a make-up range it had to have all those yummy-good-for-your-skin ingredients in it. Their mineral make-up actually contains zinc which works a s physical sunscreen (win!) so not only are we putting the right ingredients on our face but we are protecting ourselves from sun damage.

Complexion Dome (aka the foundation/ base): Amazing coverage, a little goes a long way so it lasts for ages. My advice would be to choose a shade lighter than you would think as it comes out darker than its appearance. Less is more with this product, as after a few minutes the mineral powder will start to mix with your own natural oils giving you a healthy glow.

Comes in 5 shades at $55 each

 Mirage Mineral Blush: Great for adding that extra glow, again a little goes a long way but the colours are quite deep and give a beautiful flushed or bronzed look

Comes in 3 shades at $42 each

 Eyelusion eye shadow: Some great colours to choose from with a shimmer through all the powders. I actually use my colour “Russet” to fill in my brows as well!

Comes in 4 shades st $38 each

Iced Gloss(lipgloss): true to its name this gloss is a bit frosty and not sheer , so if you are into colour with a shimmer that won’t move than this is the gloss for you . Tastes and smells fruity and goes on quite smoothly leaving your lips feeling hydrated.

Comes in 3 shades at $24 each.

Why Men Love Bitches – Sherry Argov

bitches review

What it’s about

If I wanted to be dramatic and say that there were 3 things that changed my life, this book would be one of them. Whilst the title may be a little off putting, rest assured that the pages are filled with exactly what most women need to hear!

The term “bitches” is used loosely and more in a comical sense, when in actual fact Sherry is describing a woman who is confident, knows her self value, holds her own and won’t take any crap from any man. This book discusses how to become the woman you were meant to be and in return catch the man you were always meant to have. She astutely draws comparisons between women that are too nice and give up who they are too freely, to a woman who knows where her value lies and that she is worth the wait.

What it means               

We all have been there where we feel like we are either jumping through hoops for our man, constantly changing who we are to suit them, chasing them, walking on eggshells and basically striving in our relationship. Well all that is about to go out the door! This book not only gives you the strength to be who you are but also the tools in which to stay in control of your relationship and emotions so that you can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship .

Stars: 4.5/5

The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman


What it’s about

This book is probably one that you’ve heard of before or been referenced in something you’ve seen or read. It basically sums up 5 ways or love languages that we use to communicate in our relationships in life. These are: Words of affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time and Physical Touch. Chapman breaks down what each love language involves and how to identify what your own language is. He talks about primary and secondary love languages and how they relate to your relationships whether it is with your partner, family or friends.

Where it gets interesting is how your own upbringing and way you were loved determines your receiving love language. However this does not mean that your way of receiving love is the same language for giving love back. Sound complicated? Well it isn’t and it’s quite a well thought out read with practical advice, real case studies and contains fundamental knowledge that we all need in communicating with the people in our life.

Lastly the great thing about this book is it has versions for married couples, singles, children and teenagers ( seems no one is excused from knowing how to communicate properly!)

What it means

Communication and love are the two most integral things in a relationship, combine them and you have a strong foundation. The great thing about this book is it helps you identify the different ways in which you and your loved ones not only receive love, but also give love. By reading each of the different types of love languages and applying the questions to yourself at the end of each chapter you will be able to determine what your primary love language is, for example mine is Quality Time as I felt most loved when my parents spent time with me doing things together. This is the way in which I receive love; however the way in which I give love is through Acts of Service or doing things for others.

For my partner his primary love is Words of affirmation and I actually think his secondary love is the same as well. Each person receives and gives love differently and the good thing is, that even if your partner doesn’t read the book you can still apply the test to him , work out which way he receives love and then adjust your words and actions to suit this love language. You’d be surprised the positive response you will get from just making a few simple changes. At the end of the day we all are individuals who come from different homes and habits and its just a matter of understanding the way each other works in best order to communicate properly. Head to the Quick Advice section of my blog and I break down what each love language is so feel free to take a crash course, otherwise jump on board read this book and make your life easier 😉

Stars: 4.5/5

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Love Sex & Lasting Relationships – Chip Ingram


What it’s about

This was one of the first books I read when trying to understand how relationships should work, rather than what I was going through. It’s amazing how we try to justify the actions of someone you love even when you know in your heart they are wrong. Admittedly this is written by a Christian author; however his advice and knowledge are incredibly useful and relevant to any relationship or domination today.

The book firstly discusses the difference between love and infatuation, and how the world usually depicts love. Interesting enough he talks about the 2 year “Hollywood’s formula” and how the media determines our views on love and relationships as well as influences our decisions. Studies and factual evidence help to give weight to Chip’s opinions as well as correspondence between real life people whom he quotes.

The book also discusses the different phases of love, how to identify if you are really in love or just infatuated, what real love is, sex, preparing yourself for finding love and enjoying that relationship in the healthiest way possible.

He offers practical advice, breaks points down in subheadings, uses real life case studies and even provides a “ personal evaluation” questionnaire at the end of each chapter( for the extra studious!)

What it means

Every now and then it’s nice to get a textbook like book to help guide us through life, one that is simple to read, interesting, relevant and breaks it all down for us. We are women and we like to get specific on details, especially when our head and heart are saying two different things, its nice to know there are little tests we can take to use as a check list for our relationships and if they are right.

I’ve used Chip Ingrams idea of “How do you know if you’re in love: Twelve tests” in my quick advice section, so feel free to use it as reference in times of doubt.

At the end of the day each relationship is unique and has its own set of rules, however there are some things that are fundamental and I believe this book highlights them in a sensible and empathetic way.

Stars: 4/ 5

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50 Shades of Grey – E.L James


What it’s about

As an avid lover of romance novels whether they be historical hardbacks, Mills and Boons paperback heroes or history’s greatest love stories, I will acknowledge and be lost in each one. I must admit that when I picked up this book I actually had no idea what it was about, although a friend did tip me that it was suppose to ‘help save your relationship’. Needless to say I was quite surprised not to find it in the “self help” section let alone the fact it was based around a volatile and unhealthy S and M relationship.

The book starts with a young woman called Anastasia who is a uni student sent on an assignment as a favour to her roommate to interview the infamous and all powerful and drop dead gorgeous Mr Christian Grey. Of course in true romance form she falls powerless to his smouldering looks and exuding charm and of course the billionaire with perfectly styled hair and chiselled jaw becomes mystified by this normal run of the mill girl and returns the feelings.

Boom right there we have a fantasy, I mean really, picking her up in a helicopter, being 27 and a billionaire and incredibly good looking? Could you get anymore farfetched?! Yet my inner goddess revels in delight of this type of character and indulges in this fantasy. So what’s the catch? Oh he has a ‘red room of pain’ in which he inflicts his messed up Submissive and dominant sex crazed lifestyle on her. Hmmmm not the sort of man you’d want to introduce to mum.. “Hey mum, meet Christian, he‘s rich, good looking and gets a kick out of physically abusing me, he’s awesome…cough….”

So the story goes on where Anna struggles with the battle of this overly possessive rich man and his baggage (count yourself lucky your man’s only baggage is not putting the toilet seat down) and her feelings for him . The conversation and chemistry between them builds a love hate relationship with this book. The fire and banter between meetings helps to build the tensions and their personality, but just when you think you are getting somewhere, she’s either being a drip or they are having sex, for the 10th time in the space of one chapter.

The romance is killed off a little by the use of swear words and coarse and pretty ‘in your face’ sex talk otherwise known as soft porn. However get past all that and you do have two characters falling in love in an unlikely situation topped with suspense and anticipation of their next orgasm..err I mean meeting.

What it means

This book became a sensation around the world, opening the public’s eyes to relationships that delight in S and M habits and abusive sexual services and roles, insinuating that this was healthy and desirable. Call me old fashioned but I don’t believe any type of abuse is healthy or acceptable in a relationship, lightly spanking your partner and playing around is one thing… but chaining you up to beat you..? Hmmm I’ll let you ladies decide where your boundaries are but mine are pretty firmly based around the idea that beneath all the fun and games it’s what at the centre of that person’s minds that causes them to want and do such actions. I guess the reason why women got all in a tether about this book is because it presented sex in a new , exciting and illicit way , all instructed by a gorgeous rich powerful man. Let’s face it ladies we are all suckers for a man who takes control , exudes a sexual power and is living a not too shabby lifestyle .

Christian Grey was all but the man of my dreams till he opened that door to his “special room”. My point is whilst you may find you sex life lacking with your husband , it won’t necessary get any better if you buy him a grey tie and hand him a whip and start talking about painting the bedroom red! Your husband isn’t Christian Grey (which you should be thankful for) and there are such things as educational books and discs in case he still hasn’t found where your “spot” is. Christian Grey comes across as a skilled lover, which we all want and can have with practice, instruction, education love and romance …not whips and bruises. If you want the mystery and romance to be upped in your life, then start “dating ‘ your husband again, seduce him , flirt with him …you married him for a reason so focus once again on what drove you crazy about him in the first place…don’t start thinking about a fictional character! Lastly look beyond the screaming orgasm and sexual excitement of this practice and understand the mind behind it and the reason he has this desire. At the end of the day you can ask yourself self what is the price of this type of sexual lifestyle, even Christian grey admits he is ’50 shades of f#*@&ed up” , a healthy relationship begins with a healthy mind.

Stars: 3.5/5

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