Is Romance Dead in Australia? The experts weigh in…

If you haven’t heard, August is Romance Awareness Month . Which is basically the green light for us to indulge in anything that makes the spark shine bright ( chocolate I am coming for you!)

However when we turn the spotlight on something, sometimes it’s a reminder just how much is actually lacking.

With the current frustration in the dating world here in Australia , we have to ask ourselves…has romance died?

Harmony Relationship Expert and Counsellor Desiree Spierings explains why, despite pining for romance, Australians are failing to show it:

“In today’s largely superficial dating scene, the concept of romance has become taboo in favor of ‘playing it cool.’ eHarmony’s research clearly shows we all want to be swept off our feet, but we aren’t dishing it out for fear of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, which in turn prohibits our date from turning up the romance dial.”

Ou friends over at eHarmony decided to investigate further for us in the name of love and here is what they found:

Um can we jus stop for a second and look at those statistics?!

Two-thirds (70%) of Aussie singles feel the dating scene is not as romantic as it used to be.

·       Aussie singles feel the dating scene is ‘toxic,’ ‘de-humanising’, and makes them feel like just a number.

So that’s a whopping 69% feel they are romantically starved  and more than 10% of us feel like just a number 🙁

It’s scary to think that even though we have more ways to meet people and make love happen , we aren’t actually getting the desired affect we want.

Nearly 1 in 5 identified dating apps as dehumanising their search for love, which is why this Romance Awareness Month, eHarmony is pumping romance back into the air with random acts of romance for lucky passerby’s in Sydney’s Martin Place on Thursday, 14 August.

A chosen few will experience a romantic, musical surprise designed to inspire them to seek more romance in their lives, while others will receive free gifts or eHarmony memberships.


So what is it that people think is romantic?

It’s interesting to see how men and women differ on the scale , which is usually where the problem starts with unmet expectations and communication breakdown .

eHarmony’s Managing Director, Nicole McInnes, said:

“Thanks to ‘choice fatigue’ in today’s online dating environment, it’s easy to focus on quantity over quality, and we sometimes forget that there’s a real human on the other side of our screens. To combat this we are excited about sharing and enabling some romance this August in real life.”

The online dating platform is also holding its’ second eH LIVE event in Sydney, which will test its famous love algorithm in real-time by bringing matches face-to-face.

“Our eH Live event is all about bringing our singles together for some quality offline time, and deliver on our promise of enabling real love, and of course, making more romance happen,” added Ms McInnes.

So if you are wanting to light the romantic fire again then why not pop down to Martin place and make this August the most romantic one ever 😉

Originally posted 2017-08-09 12:58:26.

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