How to seduce your man and set the mood

Let’s not shy about talking about intimacy and sex.

It’s an important part of a healthy relationship and something that is integral to keeping a bond between a couple strong.
Sex can begin to feel pretty complicated when too much thought is put into it. Like a movie with a plot that only gets more convoluted, too much focus on sex and the climax can ruin the enjoyment of it allHow often is enough? How important is it to try new positions? And how much foreplay is too much (or too little)? With so much to consider, it’s no wonder couples are so focused on what each other is thinking before, during, and even after the act.

How can we sweep our romantic partners or new special someones off their feet? In a recent study, the team at DrEd polled 1,000 adults to determine the most arousing occasions. Including what we should really consider when setting the mood.
It’s no wonder that most of us prefer to get jiggy when the temperature is just right and of course at night time when the lighting can be used to our advantage.
But what actives actually lead to initiating love making? Ladies , let’s not be shy in taking that first step and doing something that helps get him in the mood…
Ladies the hangups we have about our bodies can really be detrimental to our sex life.  The next statistic alone should be enough of a reason to just embrace who we are and in broad daylight!
Men are more turned on my what they see physically then what we say or do …so use this to your advantage and keep the lights on!
The intimate time that you spend as a couple shouldn’t be rushed or put on the back burner because of lack of time or confidence. Like any part of a relationship , if you want to strengthen it then you need to give time and energy to it daily .
All info thanks to our friends at Dr Ed  

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