Self-Discovery Retreat for Women

Are you needing a little time away to heal and reflect? Perhaps you are going through or have just gone through a divorce? Break up Recovery coach Joanne Michelle is holding a retreat from the 17th-19th of March and would love for you to join her.

This is a great time to nourish who your are from the inside out and kick start your 2017!

The retreat has a maximum of 4 guest, exclusive to women for personal growth.  It is a place where you can come to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself, release yourself and find out who you are and where you want to be. The retreat gives you the opportunity to allow yourself the time and space to recover, rebuild and renew as you discover what you want, allow growth, and move into the next phase of your life.

You have a chance to get clear on your visions, your goals, have more love for yourself, recharge, feel calmer and have a feeling of empowerment.


  • Discover: become clear on their visions and dreams
  • Connect: with like-minded women as they rediscover themselves
  • Receive: powerful tools using journals, affirmations, meditation and more
  • Change: their beliefs about themselves that are holding them back from moving forward
  • Learn: self-awareness and create good habits
  • Understand: how to nourish their body with healthy choices

This isn’t just your regular stay in a bunk bed or tent type of retreat. This one is about taking the time to heal and pamper yourself in style!


  • Two night stay in a luxurious secluded setting with stunning views
  • Private room
  • Cleansing vegetarian food
  • Daily guidance and support from me
  • One on One coaching session (45 minutes)
  • Intimate space limited to 4 women
  • Solitude time where you have an opportunity to do nothingshould you wish
  • Use of facilities including a private pool & meditation room
  • Easy access to a spectacular beach to explore coastal lagoons
  • Cooking class, learn how to nourish your body with simple healthy recipes
  • Follow–up call one week later to check in
  • Optional extra massage and yoga during your stay to relax your whole body

Want to find out more? Simply click here to reserve your spot !

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