Should you take a Ghoster back?

He’s back from the dead. Apparently so.

So what do you do when the guy you dated or had a relationship suddenly disappears and then months later decided to reappear?

Is this a sign that you guys are meant to be? Has he changed his mind and will things be different this time around?

Ghosting has become more apparent than ghosts themselves , and it’s sad to know that what is incredibly selfish behaviour is now a part of modern dating.

The majority of time the ghosted doesn’t come back , he’s gone, and you’re always left wondering WHY?!

But there are the odd occasions when some will return out of the blue and want to reignite the flame again.

Well here’s my take on what you need to consider and do if you decide to take a ghosted back:

Should You Take A Ghoster Back?What To Do When He Disappears Then Reappears?


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