Signs He’s Losing Interest In Your Long Distance Relationship

Here are the signs he’s falling out of love in your long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship problems and solutions are out there , and it’s important to identify these 5 signs he’s losing interest in your LDR.

Before you learn how to make him miss you long distance and how to overcome long distance relationship problems, you have to identify the signs he can’t last in a long distance relationship.

These 5 signs he’s losing interest will help you become more aware about how he is feeling about your relationship even if he isn’t talking about it.

Recognise them quick and you may still have a chance to keep things strong and help him fall back in love with you again even though you are miles apart.

Signs he’s losing interest in you | Signs he’s falling out of love in your long distance relationship.

 1:The communication is starting to drop off.

I mean, that’s pretty obvious. Now, what could happen is, when we’re in a long distance relationship there are times where we’re busy or we’re in different time zones, so it’s hard to be able to keep communication consistent all the time.

But if he is starting to lose interest in you, then you will notice that there is a gap in between communication. Meaning, you might not hear from him every single day.

If you’re in a long distance relationship you should be hearing from each other at least once a day minimum, if not several times a day.

And if you have found that there has been this inconsistency in communication to a point where there are large gaps in between when he is talking to you, and that could be an indication that he is having second thoughts about the relationship.

2. He stops asking you questions about how you’re going?

What’s happening in your world? And in general when you have conversations with him there isn’t necessarily a question asking you something to continue the conversation.

People who love somebody wants to know what’s actually going on in their world, and when a man is interested in a woman he is constantly wanting to know more about her and know that she’s actually thinking about him as well and continue that conversation.

So, if you’ve noticed that there has been a real sort of, drop in him asking you questions about your life, about what’s going on, then that could be a sign that he is losing interest in this relationship, or he’s just finding it too hard.

Now, what I want to say with these first two points when it comes to communications and questions is, just because he’s pulled back that isn’t necessarily a go ahead sign for you to give even more, more, more and more, okay?

What you want to do, is you definitely want to bring it to his attention that, “Hey, I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard from you as often as we normally would talk. Is everything okay?”

You want to make him aware that his behavior is changing and that you’re not just going to pretend that everything is fine, because you can’t. Okay?

When you’re in a long distance relationship you have to address issues, even if it uncomfortable, because you don’t have the same flexibility and grace to be able to talk about it in person as if you were in a relationship that was normal and being in the same city and country with each other.

3. He has become less affectionate or the romance has dropped off.

Now, in long distance relationships people think, “Well, how can you be affectionate we’re in different sort of, countries or cities?”

But the truth is, you can still come across loving and affection through the way that they communicate to you. He might give you little compliments like, “Oh, you look beautiful.” Or, “I wish I could hold your hand.” Or send you little kissy emojis.

If you’ve noticed that, that has started to go where he no longer talks about physical attraction to you, or physical desires with you, or he doesn’t give you those sort of compliments and romantic behavior, then that again, could be a sign that he’s starting to lose interest in what he has with you and that the physical attraction is essentially dying.

Now, in this instance what I would do, is I would actually up the visuals. Meaning, every time you take a photo or do a video call with him make sure you look really glamorous and sexy.

Not necessarily putting on a full face of makeup, but come with your best version of you so that every time he sees you has that desire triggered visually once again.

4. He doesn’t really talk about the future as much as what he used to.

When you’re in a long distance relationship it’s really important that you still try to have a unified life, because you’re literally living in different countries or cities and you’re doing your own thing.

So, it’s hard not to grow apart from each other when you don’t have to necessarily think of the other person, because they’re not physically there.

So, it’s important to be able to talk about future plans, future goals, things that you want to do together as a couple and if he has stopped doing that then chances are he’s starting to become too independent of you, which is feeding his lack of interest of you and the relationship.

So, what I would do in this instance, is I would then refresh his memory of, “So, when can we book our next plane ticket to see each other? How about we aim for this holiday? I thought that we could do this goal together.” Or, “What should we plan for the next six months?”

Try and reaffirm with him that you’re still wanting to build this unified life by asking him and involving him in your decisions, and having him involve you in his decisions as well so that you’re at least able to create something together, even though you’re apart in different cities.

5. He no longer includes you in his decisions or asks for your help or your opinion.

And that’s because he’s started to really, just do his own sort of thing, or he no longer sees you in his immediate future because he doesn’t have you in his present existence right now physically.

So, what I would do in this instance again, is start to include him in some of your decisions. Don’t just wait for him to initiate these conversations. Take charge and start to initiate it yourself, because if we just wait for him to do what it is that we want to do he won’t, because he’s not there to feel our anger or see our anger and pain, because literally we’re in different sort of cities.

It’s important again, to communicate. Say to him, “Hey, I noticed that you didn’t ask me whether or not you thought that, that apartment was a good deal. I thought you would have included me in that decision. I was really hurt by that.”

Explain again rather than express why you’re feeling a certain way. Communicate to him why you think it’s important that you still share decisions together, because it is going to create strength in your relationship over the distance.

6. He is just becoming indifferent.

Actual opposite to love is the absence of love in a way where you just feel nothing whatsoever.

So, if he is just feeling really indifferent, and that’ll come across in conversation where he doesn’t talk about passion with you, he doesn’t talk about how he loves you, and you can just, really feel that his tone, and his emotions in his face and everything like that is just, lacking in every way.

Where it’s just coming across really, kind of, blasé and he doesn’t really care either way, then that is a huge indication that he has lost interest or he is losing interest fast.

So, what you want to do, is try and tap in and trigger those good memories that you’ve actually had together. Stir some passion in him once again, but keep him accountable to him still stepping up and making some effort.

Call him on what it is that he is doing, but also communicate to him that you feel that he’s being indifferent and that you need to start doing something to make sure that your relationship doesn’t fizzle out.


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