This site is perfect for anyone in the UK looking for love


OK so I stumbled across this fabulous site recently, however this one is just for my UK audience. Although in saying that I’m sure many of the recommended dating sites cater to the international search for love. It can be a bit confusing and daunting looking for the right type of online dating site to join, especially when we have a clear idea of what you want. This is where Dating step in ( very similar name to ours so it must be gold!) They have created a site which literally lists from A-Z all the different categories for sites that are available to the lonely hearts.

Whether you are are into fitness, divorced, disabled , vegan, a lover of beer , deaf or even into geeks! This site has found the site to match your specific taste.

It also has some great recommendations of events, people and  services to follow.  See the full video review which gives you more detail here.

happy dating!

Originally posted 2016-10-04 13:52:52.

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