How you sleep determines if you will get more nookie or not!

Of all the things couples share with each other – hopes, dreams, dessert – their beds are among the most important elements of coexistence.

While some of our most intimate moments happen in bed, it’s also the place where we can feel intense frustration: snoring, sweating, tossing and turning. Since couples spend a lot of their time together in bed, it is important that they choose top quality mattresses and pillows. Luxtex mattresses made from natural latex has recently become the number one choice for most people. Not only are they comfy and soft but sturdy and long lasting as well – something you’d want your relationship to be.

In some sense, the way a couple shares a bed echoes the dynamics of their relationship. Intimacy, independence, selfishness, sacrifice – it’s all lurking right there under the covers.

Given the significance of shared sleeping arrangements, Mattress Advisor set out to learn which sleeping positions men and women favored most…and least. To do so, they surveyed 1,000 Americans in relationships about how they liked to cozy up to their partner at night (or retreat to opposite ends of the mattress).

Does better sleep mean better sex and relationships?

Next, they studied their sleep quality, sex lives, and relationship satisfaction to understand the link between successfully sharing a bed and staying happy with a partner. Read on for a deep dive into cuddling and companionship.

To start, we asked respondents who were in a relationship what their favorite way to sleep with their partner looked like and then broke out responses among males and females.

Do men like to spoon?

Many respondents were pretty fond of having some space to themselves when sleeping. For men and women alike, the most popular position involved partners sleeping on their sides facing away from each other, with a small amount of space between their bodies.

Although women demonstrated a preference for physical contact with their partner, they loathed taking on “big spoon” duties in bed. Interestingly, men didn’t seem to mind assuming the little spoon role as much – it didn’t rank among their five most annoying positions. But guys’ least appreciated position of all was lying on their backs with their partner curled supine on top of them.

 Women and men shared three of their top five most annoying arrangements.

Female respondents were more likely to disdain sleep in opposite directions, though, whereas men didn’t appreciate the face-to-face embrace.

As with many compatibility concerns at the beginning of a relationship, there’s no telling how your sleeping position preferences might differ from that of a partner. But as you experiment with sleep arrangements that work best for both of you, the essential tools for relationship success apply: cooperation and communication.

These findings reveal how varied our favored positions can be and how they can incite intense emotion. But don’t let resentment build about how you share your bed with the one you love.

By discussing your sleeping styles directly, you might save yourself some conflict – and get better rest as a result.

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