How To Spot An Online Catfisher !

If you are looking for love online , you have probably already been warned about being Catfished. It is one of just the many online dating scams that are out there.  Whilst finding a date might be easier and more accessible, unfortunately we now have more predators thanks to the internet.

If you don’t know what catfishing is , then it’s time to give you a quick run down. Basically a catfisher is someone that is posing as another person to form an emotional romantic connection to their victim in order to scam or deceive them for ulterior motives. It’s not exactly Prince Charming and it’s something that is incredibly common .

Let’s face it, no one wants to have their heart broken , or be used and abused in any shape or form. So here is a quick reference on how to spot an online catfisher:



A catfisher will sound like Mr Darcy / Prince Charming all rolled into one. It’s not to say men like that don’t exist , but get to know someone in actual person rather than just online so you can really judge who they are.



Meet online, but get to know each other offline. If they are finding every reason under the sun not to meet you in person, yet they want to continue a relationship with you…girl they aren’t who they say they are!



If things just don’t add up, then it’s time to subtract yourself from the equation.



Not everyone is on social media, but most people are connected to someone that is. If you can’t find any evidence of their life outside of the online site…then it’s a sign that they have fabricated this character in order to charm and harm you.



If any date , asks you to send money without you even knowing or meeting them than that is a major red flag! Control, Alt DELETE them out of your life.



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