Survival of the Fittest : Blind Date by Caria Watt


 Guest post by Caria Watt for the #CariaCares campaign

Many are against being set up on a blind date.  Expectations run high, as do the nerves.  For those who haven’t been set up on one before – try to remain positive.  At the very least you meet someone new and get yourself out there.  Remember Mandy’s words in last months’ article Stop Holding on to the Past: “He’s really lovely and you’re really lovely.  It’s a perfect match.”  There’s hope.  Although I have to admit in my experience it’s never really worked out very well.

In my late 20s, a close friend Danielle came on a blind double date with me.  She was keen to meet Mr tall and gorgeous – a dashing guy friend of my own blind date.  When we arrive at the restaurant my date was ruggedly handsome and greeted us at the bar.  Mr tall and gorgeous waited at the table. Before my date introduced us to him, he muttered he thought both girls were supposed to be models.  Danielle was and still is, a modern day Marilyn Monroe.  She didn’t flinch over his remark and keeps her lady like composure, enjoying the meal.  We could see Danielle’s feelings were hurt by the arrogance of Mr tall and gorgeous, and at the end of the night she thanked me for ‘trying.’

After receiving a confirmation text from zany Mandy about my blind introduction on Wednesday night, I began searching my wardrobe for something decent to wear.  As a woman who doesn’t enjoy shopping – yes there are a few of us around – I can’t remember the last time I bought a new dress. I find one I wore on the last blind date in my 30s : My date in waiting is a very well-known photographer, a handsome, well-dressed man in his late 30s.  First impressions count and on my approach he didn’t get up from the table to greet me.  This unnerved me a little.  Where I come from, a man with manners politely rises from a table when a woman or friend approaches, to warmly greet them.  I sat down in a chair facing the toilet.  He had the scenic view of the water. He asked me if I’d been here before. I shook my head as he proceeded to explain it’s his favourite restaurant. When the waiter arrived, he ordered me a simple salad without asking what I would actually like to eat.  Now anyone that knows me understands I LOVE food.  A salad is just an appetiser.  Perhaps he didn’t realise that not all models, or women, just eat a salad.  He also ordered a bottle of wine for me and he drank scotch on the rocks.  Yes he had got it completely wrong.

My date proceeded to talk about his work and the celebrities he photographed.  I politely excused myself to visit the bathroom. On the way I bump into the waiter and ask if there’s a way out the back, explaining my situation. The waiter helped me make a fast exit by lifting me up to reach the bathroom window and climb out into the back alley.  He called a taxi to pick me up from the alley.  When I jumped in the cab, I sent a text, saying “Sorry had to leave. It’s not you, it’s me.”  Little did I know that it would have been more empowering to actually walk out the front door.

Back in my bedroom, I begin to feel really nervous about this “lovely guy” I’m about to meet. I put back the dress into the cupboard and decide on something a little more casual to wear.  As long as I feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter.  If anything I can’t let Mandy down by cancelling on her, seeing she has gone out of her way.  Or could I?

Tune in next month to find out what happens.
caria watt

Caria Watt is an established model and communications specialist who writes positive mindful expressions to help people with relationships.  Her passion for words has become a life long career as a professional copywriter, writer and blogger. Friends call her for advice on dating, communicating, and how to become an empowered person.  As a singleton… she is on the pursuit of healthy dating and has kindly offered to write about her experiences.

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