Should you take him back after he has cheated? #askRenee

Should you take back a cheater?  Could you take him back ?

We live in an imperfect world full of imperfect people , so it’s no wonder that affairs are a reality .

If you have ever been cheated on , then you will know it is the worse feeling in the world…next to someone dying. It’s the ultimate betrayal and the heartbreak , anger , questions and pain that follows can literally leave you feeling shattered.

Most people tend to assume that a relationship is over once a partner has been unfaithful. And in most cases it is the right thing to happen. But let’s remember that one incident of infidelity doe snot have to define our marriage or relationship.

In this week’s #askRenee video , I talk about the questions you need to ask yourself , before you decide to take them back or move on.  Relationships are hard work, and people make mistakes. So let’s not put everyone in the same box . 

But at the same time , let’s also make sure we are making the right choices from a healthy perspective and not just staying with someone because we love them.

 Should you take him back after he has cheated?#askRenee


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