Tell me about your most awkward first date for a chance to win SKN products!

DNA 3 Step

Ladies! Who doesn’t love sharing an “awkward moment” story and indulging in some beautiful freebies for your skin?! Have you ever had a date that was so a) mortifying you went into hiding for 3 weeks b) awkward that you still shudder at the thought or c) that bad that you deserve some sort of award?!

Well now it’s time to get it off your chest and onto the blog so that women all around the world can smile and say ” and I thought I was the only one”. Whoever has the most cringe worthy date will win the SKN pack!

What to do:

Write a recount/ post in any form approx. 300-500 words long and email your entry to : ( sorry its a long address) along with your Name, Age and Contact Details

What you go in the chance to win:

SKN Complex is famous for using the most up to date science AND natural actives to make it one of the most innovative brands in Australia.

Step 1:  Tone balance & Refresh TONER

Step 2:  Cleanse Refresh & Clear CLEANSER

Step 3:  Revive, Restore & Extend DNA YOUTH SPAN

Valued at $127!!!

Competition dates:

Comp starts today 26/11/13 and runs until 10/12/13 , so get typing!

Goodluck! xx


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