The 7 Types of Women that make Men RUN!

Men really aren’t as complicated as we think and relationships don’t have to be as hard as what we make them, however they are two sided and sometimes it can be ourselves that is contributing more to the breakdown then them. We are constantly taught to be self-loving-independent-bread-winning-strong women nowadays that at times we scare men away because they feel like they don’t stand a chance! Have you ever looked back on some of your dates/ relationships and wondered why it didn’t work out? Or why you seem to be scaring off more men then you are attracting them? Now it’s not about trying to mould yourself so you can suit him or lose your identity totally , but rather being conscious of certain traits which in fact are very unbecoming to men…and well perhaps even people in general!

1: Drama Queen

This type of woman loves to create drama , especially in her relationships. She can be anything from fiery to passive aggressive and thrives off creating reactions from people and situations. Whilst her stories may be interesting and her character vivacious, unfortunately she becomes high maintenance and too much hard work!

2:The Nag Hag

This woman is the one who is constantly complaining about anything and everything, she is generally pretty negative and tries to find fault rather than praise. It’s usually to do with her own self issues which she isn’t ready to deal with yet( or the fact that she is just unhappy) so instead she focuses all her attention on her relationship and starts to berate her partner.

3:Mrs Ultimatum

This lady loves to put pressure and time limits on everything! It gives her a sense of control if she feel like she can add pressure to her man through setting time restrictions. Whilst there is nothing wrong with setting standards or even ultimatums , it’s altogether another thing to use it to manipulate your man into getting your own way.

4: Little Miss Yes

This woman drives men insane because she is too passive and too …easy! She has lost her ambitions, independence and dreams and is all about living her life to please her man. She goes along with what ever he wants and has taken submissive to a whole new level. Men see her as boring and not challenging enough.

5:Little Miss Independent

OK before you start to argue  “but you just said it’s important to stay independent and keep your identity?!” hear me out.  This woman I am referring too is someone who is bordering on being feminist and who pretends she doesn’t need a man and puts on a super strong front that she is in fact leaving a guy no room to be a man. He feels like what he does isn’t good enough or will insult her when all he is trying to do if for fill the masculine role. However Little Miss Independent has decided to for fill both feminine and masculine roles and in doing so sets herself up for loneliness.

6:Queen of  “The Silent Treatment”

This woman knows how to give the “bitch” treatment and instead of communicating effectively through words to discuss issues, she withholds everything: words, affection and affirmation. It’s used in not only a way to punish her man but also control the situation. The right words spoken with thought will always have more power than silence.

7: Mrs High Maintenance

Ahh this lovely lady is just so hard to please! She often lacks humility and can be a bit selfish, taking things and people for granted. Nothing keeps her happy unless it’s the best and even then it comes with conditions. In short  she’s a lot of hard work and usually quite complex, she usually takes more than she gives.

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