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Hello ladies! Well I firstly apologise for the delay in between posts, running several jobs , a business a blog and saving the world is all very time consuming! However you can expect to see more posts on a daily basis, I will be posting everything from product and book reviews, to quick thoughts/ advice and sharing links from other sites. Of course you will also get my detailed posts on  advice of how to navigate your way through love , so stay tuned for lots of great things here on Bella and Darcy .

The Bachelor has been named!

It’s true ladies, the most “eligible” single male of Australia has been found…and his name is Tim Darcy ( ok his last name is really Robards ). Yes our TV screens are soon to be inundated with the infamous TV show called The Bachelor, sadly we all know it quite well and needless to say some will live vicariously through these women for the next 10 weeks! Surely such a show is sexism and romance melded into one in all its pixel glory; imagine one gorgeous  tall dark handsome(TDH)man taking his pick of a group of love sick, single somewhat desperate- for- love women. Hmm sounds a lot like Sydney on a Saturday night…Needless to say this will be a show that will have millions of viewers ( 98%) women that will either a) sit back and scoff at the blatant deluge of humans competing for love through sex and media ( these are the haters who secretly love this shit )or b) women who wish they could have been on the show and so insist on yelling their advice to their fellow sisters in love through the screen.

And here is where the irony lies , I was actually asked to be one of the female contestants! Yes I know it’s crazy , and luckily enough I chose not to sell my soul for 5 minutes of fame ( although I have asked them to get back to me in 5 years if I’m still single ). However the plot thickens, as fate would have it , I actually know said Bachelor very well #awkwardturtleavoided . We must ask ourselves , what is the world of dating coming to if my only option is being on a reality TV show  to find love with a friend I’ve already known for years?! It was a moment to pause and reflect and perhaps consider moving continent in hope of meeting someone that I actually haven’t met before ( a true novelty in Sydney) . But rest assured I have decided to stay put and instead watch the drama unfold in front of me on my TV screen and smile knowingly.

PS: Tim is actually a really lovely guy .

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