The Break -Up Survival Guide


It’s a gorgeous sunny day outside , but alas it’s raining in your heart ( pretty sure that’s a song or something?!)

Break -ups are the pits, they can drain your energy, take away your joy, force you to consume way too much chocolate or wine and really start to cloud your judgement, mind and heart .

It’s time to shake it off, pull you shoulders back and get practical with how to navigate your way through this short season of heartache.

Awhile back I did a post called The Black Hole, which talked about how to deal with a separation, and I had an incredible response from females all around the world !

It’s not an easy thing, and you are not alone in feeling like your heart and world have been pulverised into nothingness. The good news is this is just a mere moment in your grand and wonderful lifetime, so don’t get stuck in it and don’t let it stop you from flourishing in life.

Breakup Rules

  • Cry and cry and cry some more whenever you feel the need to. Better out then in. ( it’s normal and healthy to mourn a relationship )
  • Get around good friends and family who will give you genuine comfort and counsel.
  • Remember to eat , drink and shower.
  • Do some exercise everyday, even if its just a short walk, it’ll help clear the mind and boost your endorphins.
  • Keep busy! Do extra shifts at work, socialise, take up a hobby, distract your mind, be productive.
  • Clear out the reminders. Delete old photos and texts and emails, try to get rid of anything that reminds you of him.
  • Stay strong, remember this is only a season, a moment in a life time, focus on the future and try to find some joy in the present.
  • Set yourself new goals, focus on you and what you want. Then make a plan on how to achieve them.
  • Get pampered! Go have a massage or a facial, do something that makes you feel beautiful.
  • Don’t drink, especially when you are alone, its a depressant and will lead to making unwanted phone calls… stick to chocolate

It’s easy to slip into depression when going through a break-up, so stay social and accountable to your friends and family. If you can only take one day at a time then just do that, there is no set time frame to move on, so just take your time, progress is still progress no matter how slow.



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