The evolution of modern relationships

Time had changed the way we do life and love.

And a part of me thinks thank goodness! Because whilst I am an old school girl at heart , it’s nice to know we have more freedom and not so many labels attached to our marital status.

Women are choosing to get married later or not at all and not having to justify it. Divorce isn’t seen so much as a failure but rather an opportunity to start fresh again.

And instead of giving tasks in a relationship based off gender , we are both taking more responsibility whilst still allowing each other to for fill their roles.

Whether it’s not shying about shopping for an engagement ring together , or standing firm in your single season of self love , this guide below helps to mark the evolution of modern relationships:



As you can see long gone are the days of being single and hoping to meet someone by chance.

Online dating is now the second most common way for couples to meet. On the other hand, more and more people are starting to embrace their singlehood and no longer shying away from those awkward talks you have with your distant family. “So, have you found anyone yet?”

Dating standards are changing as well. Men are no longer expected to pick up the tab anymore on dates. Well, not all dates anyways. Women are now more open to splitting the bill with their significant other. Not only are more couples combining money before marriage, they’re even moving in together before they walk down the aisle.

Getting engaged isn’t as scary of a topic to talk about with your partner as it has been in the past. Going shopping for rings with your partner is becoming more and more common. Some couples are even splitting the cost of the ring , which was completely unheard of in previous generations.

Marriage is evolving. Traditionally, the man would be the decision maker, but couples are now making decisions together. Rather than cooking and cleaning the house while your husband is at work, both partners are now contributing to their union financially.

Traditions are an important aspect of any relationship. They contribute a sense of comfort and belonging. Whether you and your partner are traditional or modern, it’s important that your traditions are built on your beliefs and values.


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