The First Sleepover : beauty tips to wake up looking glamorous! ( guest post by Neena B)

photo courtesy of tumblr.

photo courtesy of tumblr.

The first sleep over is always a bit daunting.

So, unless you’re Rosie Huntington-Whitely (AKA Perfection On Legs), then you’ll all be able to relate to that feeling of mixed emotions when the time comes to take it to that next level in your brand new relationship. Oh yes; The very. First. Sleepover!

There’s half your stomach filled with butterflies of excitement from the romantic tension that’s probably been brewing and also from that ‘yeah, I’m in a grown up kinda relationship’ high five to yourself (don’t kid yourself, we’ve allll done it at some point…right?)

Then there’s the other half of butterflies. Yes, the ones that are freaking the hell out about allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to allow this special guy to see you fresh faced in the morning. Sans eyeliner. No mascara. Not one bit of bronzer. Nada.

Okay, now that I’ve let the reality of that sink in, here’s the good news – I have a few tricks up my sleeve that are a little simpler than Kristen Wigg’s morning routine antics in Bridesmaids (as entertaining in hindsight as that would be…)

Here are my essentials:

1. Pack a bottle of Micellaire solution (I’m loving the Bioderma Crealine H2O), as this will remove your eye, lip and face makeup before bed with no water necessary, so it’s simple to sneakily do just as the lights go out, it doesn’t leave any residue at all, just leaves your skin, lips and lashes soft to touch.

2. Pop on a cream illuminator with skincare benefits like the heavenly ByTerry Teint De Rose, that not only looks amazing underneath foundation, but can be used on it’s own to make your skin look as though it’s naturally that radiant around the clock.

3. Another ByTerry product that I’m obsessed with and that is perfect for sleepover fresh lips is the Baume de Rose – you can literally feel it nourishing your lips when you pop it on! I feel like it helps make my lips appear more plumped, feel softer (trust me, that can’t go astray in this situation), it subtly enhances my natural lip colour and adds a beautiful creamy, natural shine.

4. Wake up with bright eyes and sexy lashes without rocking some serious panda eyes and breaking off said lashes by using the Australis Extender Lash Mascara in Clear. It’s dual purpose, so you can swiftly put your brows in line as well, it’s fibre-free and is made from natural clays that won’t damage your precious peepers if you use this on the odd occasion to wake up naturally glam at the new man’s place.

So ladies, don’t forget your mints, roll with the legit bed hair, take a little kit packed with these little sleepover savers and your little ‘yes, I seriously wake up this sexy every morning’ secret is safe with me ; )

Yours truly,

Neena B. x

Katrina (AKA Neena B.), a Western Australian based Make-Up Artist, Beauty Therapist, Blogger of beauty, wife and mother to gorgeous twin boys. Irrationally passionate about all of the above. Love Letters To Beauty is my ode to our fascinating and captivating industry and where one can read about all the aspects from my professional, personal and always honest point of view and learn how to look and feel amazing with their own beauty look. I’ll take you beyond the superficial stereotype and show you the art. Follow the letters at, and on Instagram @loveletterstobeautyx



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