The Pocket Affirmation Cards For Women Who Get Shii Done!

A kind word to ourselves , can go a long way .

If you haven’t seen the IKEA plant vs bullying social experiment , then hold the phone and click the link now. Because that is a classic example of the power of our words and the affect of what we say has on anything living.

There is an incredible amount of power in what you speak , sometimes more so than what you actually think. If you have ever experienced praise or criticism then you will know the very different feelings that both those type of words can have on us.

We sometimes dismiss the idea of affirmations as something just for the ‘hippies’ or weak willed, when in fact we are subconsciously either affirming or rejecting ourselves on a daily basis purely through our thoughts and speech. 

Being a big believer in speaking love and life into your own world , I was pretty excited when the girls form Shii Mii contact me.

You see this company gets it. The boss lady and founder Alaina , is a woman who knows both the power of the mindset and the importance of speaking to it in a way in which you want it to go.

Watch the 60 second review here!

However rather than just supplying the world with ordinary self -affirmation cards she decided to add a little luxe and customisation to it , to bring you a chic ,classy and practical cards and pouch that make speaking love and victory into your life a whole lot more memorable.

The reason I love these cards is because not only do they have incredible sayings such as :

  • I deeply and completely forgive myself for my past mistakes

  • I am worthy of love

  • I have the power to choose how I react. I choose to react with kindness and compassion

But they also come in a buttery soft leather pouch which fits nicely in your handbag. All I’m going to say girls is that speaking love into your own life daily doesn’t have to be daggy or boring.

These make a beautiful gift and are something that are fab for presents for bridesmaids or maybe your mum or business clients.

Heck I’m not even paid to say any of the above , I actually think these are beautiful and will be gifting them to all of my clients for my premium programs

Now of course you can choose which affirmations you want :

The Love and Self Love Collection – a collection of 15 gold foil affirmation cards to foster more love in life.
The It’s Not You Collection – a collection of 15 gold foil affirmation cards
 to ease the pain of a broken heart after a breakup or divorce.
The Bridal Collection – a collection of 15 gold foil affirmation cards to inspire, support and empower any bride or bride-to-be in their marriage.

 Now here’s the exciting part …

I managed to get you ladies an amazing 15% discount , all you need to do is use the code word : LOVE

Do yourself a favour , start investing into yourself daily , let one of Shii Mii’s affirmation sets make this moment in your life where you are going to start speaking kinder to yourself.



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