The Real 5 Reasons Why Men Disappear On You

It’s time to decipher the disappearing act

Want to know the real 5 reasons why men disappear on you and lose interest? In this video, I talk about why men disappear and why men are pulling back from you.

And some of these reasons why he lost interest in you won’t be pretty, but they will help you better understand the real reason why men run away from you.

If you are ready to hear the truth and understand why he pulls back then it will help you understand is it him or is it you…

You see men do want to commit.

But for them they have to make sure that the woman they are committing to is a woman who brings him value and makes him feel like his life is better with her than without her.

Truth is sometimes it’s us and other times its them. And in this video I talk about the top 5 real reasons why men pull back and run the other way.

As always I try to cover things in as much depth as possible so you can understand deeper how men work instead of just brushing over surface issues.


The real 5 reasons why men disappear on you| Why He Loses Interest

So what are the 5 Real Reasons?!

Let’s break them down a little further so you can get a strong grasp :

1:He isn’t ready to commit –

Juts because someone says they want a relationship , doesn’t mean they have the capacity to be able to give you one. Whilst men do want to commit, it’s also a matter of timing and them feeling that they are finally ready to take that next step.

You can be the most amazing woman in the world and if he just ain’t ready , well he just ain’t ready and that is something you cannot force.

This is why it is important to understand how to identify a man that is ready to commit , so you can save yourself the heartache .

2:You aren’t the woman he sees enough value in for his life

Ouch , that hurts! But truth is men will only keep investing into a woman that they feel fulfils their masculine needs and makes them feel awesome . This doesn’t mean you aren’t a woman of value , but rather he just doesn’t see you as HIS woman of value .

The number one reason why men will commit is because he feels amazing when he is with you in every capacity . Again we all have our own types , but sometimes we have to work on first becoming the best version of ourselves as well.

3:You make it too hard or easy for him

If a man feels like you are leading too much then he will feel that he is not needed , so will stop investing. On the other hand if you have turned into a doormat and lose your identity , opinion and strength when dating him , he won’t see you as someone who is an equal team player and can continue to add value to his life.

The key is to be able to have a balance of strength and grace and know how to maximise or minimise each when necessary so that you can communicate to him your authentic self whilst also setting boundaries and still stepping into your feminine energy.

4:Things are moving too fast

Just because you guys have an aiming connection , doesn’t mean you should go full steam ahead! If things move too fast too soon , then you run the risk of love burnout.

Even if he was the one to initiate the fast pace , be wary because a man who wants to be with you won’t be trying to rush the process to a point where it almost seems abnormal or too good to be true!

5: His focus is elsewhere

I have found that a man needs to make sure his purpose , present and future is aligned and set up first before he is ready to commit. Truth is if he feels that he has other areas of his life to get in order or fix then his attention will go to that .

Men need to have a sense of control in key areas like security , career / purpose and their identity and if he struggles with that then he will struggle to commit.

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