Understanding How Men Work



Whilst we have already established they are from another planet and far more complicated then what they give themselves credit for, I have decided to make a list of quick points for how the male species thinks.

This is a general list and it covers most of the basics, the thing is men like it simple, direct and for the most part black and white.

Playing games and saying one thing but meaning another in order to test them is really not on their radar. Trust me; they take you for your word!

Boy behaviour

  • Men Like to hunt/ chase, don’t let them think they ever have 100% hold on you.
  • They can usually only do/ handle one thing at a time, break it down for them.
  • Men go from A to B , they don’t think about C or even Z until they need to.
  • What they say is usually what they mean.
  • Be a mystery, keep certain things sacred ( especially personal hygiene habits)!
  • Men love a confident woman who knows her value and isn’t afraid to stand up for her worth.
  • Men don’t respond to nagging, they respond to no talking ie : the silent treatment.
  • When they go into their ‘cave’ leave them alone, let them come to you when they’re ready, distance will shorten their stay in there.
  • It’s called an EGO , use it to your advantage to get things done.
  • The like sport , adventure and anything that makes them feel validated as a man, let them indulge in it ( to a certain extent!)
  • Let them be your hero from time to time, and acknowledge them for it.
  • They can’t read minds….be honest and up front.
  • Save girl talk for girls.

I’d have to say the 3 key points to note are the following:

They aren’t mind readers!

Alas they weren’t born with ESP or women’s intuitions like us, so we really need to actually say it as it is. Saying one thing but meaning another doesn’t actually work, all it does is frustrate us, get them in trouble and confuse the hell out of them!

For example saying “ nothing” is wrong when they ask you if something is, and then 5 mins later blowing up at them for being an insensitive unloving brute because really something was wrong and they were meant to fix it or at least listen to you poor your woeful soul out, is not going to achieve the desired result!

Say what really is on your mind, but filter it first and try and keep your point/problems simplified and direct.

Just because men don’t speak as many words as us females per day, does not mean they listen more! Just say the important stuff, then STOP, go away and tell the rest of the dramatic details to your girlfriends.

They don’t respond to nagging!

Hmm probably the biggest lesson ever learned, and also the biggest turn off for men. C’mon we’ve all been guilty of being a NAG HAG at least once, it’s really not attractive and more than anything it is completely fruitless and usually has the opposite affect!

If you find yourself totally frustrated and vocalizing it constantly to your beau because you just want him to do it, fix it, change it etc. And getting no results, then it’s time to meet my friend “Silence”.

That’s right ladies; it’s the old “silent treatment”. Now I don’t mean that term in any sort of power play but rather to embrace it and focus on something else until your man decides to do that thing you finally asked him to do.

Men being men, like to do things on their own accord instead of being forced or compared to , it’s a guy thing. I will be doing a post on this later down the track, but remember men don’t respond the nagging, they respond to not talking.

Men like to hunt !

Yes it’s an old “Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus” concept that really has been normal from men since they discovered how to make spears !

So no surprises here, make him work for you, keep a mystery about yourself and don’t give all your pearls away at once. If he is starting to slack off, then don’t be so available , it’s not about being a bitch or playing games, but just gently reminding him what your worth… and that you know it!



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  • Ian says:

    “The like sport , adventure and anything that makes them feel validated as a man, let them indulge in it ( to a certain extent!)”

    mmm its not about feeling validated, thats a little patronising – more escapism, like any hobby regardless of gender

    The rest is pretty spot on though

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