This Is How You Tell If He Is Into You …


This is a common question that women ask.

Usually, they have just gone out from a first date and they are wondering if they made a good impression. Other times, it may be because they saw someone that seems to express that he likes her but cannot muster the courage to say so.

Fortunately, men are quite predictable. They will usually do certain things that can show that they like you.

Here are just a few  of them:

·      He Wants To Get To Know You

A man that likes you will usually go out of his way to know you. This may mean that he will check your background by asking your friends or he will follow you secretly to know about your interests or the things that you are up to.

A guy who will do this seriously likes you. However, he may be shy. If he is more confident, he will most likely approach you when he gets the chance.

But if he is shy, he will just be contented in following you. From here, you can just flash him a smile and that will usually be enough for him to come closer and introduce himself.

·      He Finds Ways to Touch You

A guy that likes you will find a way to touch you. This can be done by lightly grazing your arm when he wants to make a point or he can hug you when a happy event happens.

There will also be times where he will find a way to put his arms around you. A guy that likes you will make excuses just so he can feel your skin or your hair.

Sometimes, he may even fix your hair by brushing it off the sides of your face.

·      He Shows It through His Movements

Also, a guy that likes you will most likely look your way most of the time. And when he is near you, he slouches to show that he cares. He may also hold eye contact with you or tease you.

These guys merely want to get your attention because he wants you to notice him. However, shy guys may have it differently. These guys will not look at a girl straight in the eye.

Instead, they will look at you and quickly look away when you catch them.


So these are just some of the signs that indicate if a guy likes you. However, this serves no guarantee. Sometimes, guys have their own way of showing someone that they like them.

They can do this by giving gifts to their girl or just asking them on what will make them happy. If you are sensitive, you will be able to pick up the signs.

However, do not assume. It is still better to ask him if he likes you so that if it turns out that he doesn’t, you can move on. This is better than playing his mind game. After all, you need a guy who can tell you that they like you and you do not need one who merely wants to play with you.


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