5 tips to make sure the people you love are at your wedding


If you’re tying the knot, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind.

This is the day you’ve been dreaming of for years, and it’s crucial to get it right. You have to consider dresses, venues, and dates. During all that planning, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Try to remember that your wedding day is the day you say I do to the man you love, in front of the people you love. Ensuring all those you love are with you should be a priority during your planning. I

t may not seem like the most important thing, but it’s the thing you’ll be most thankful for when the time comes.

You can work around imperfect flowers, but it’s not so easy to cover up for the fact that your nearest and dearest weren’t by your side. So, how can you ensure everyone can join you on the big day? Here are some pointers.


The guest list is one of those jobs that gets put off. It’s understandable because it’s not the best task! We’ve all got better things to do than decide whether Great Aunt Zelda should get an invite.

Even so, it’s crucial that you turn your attention to the task as soon into the planning stages as possible. Knowing who’s coming will allow you to plan everything. It’ll also ensure that you can start letting people know.

Once you’ve booked your venue, you’ll know what numbers you’re working with. Then it’s time to start your list.



Once you’ve worked out who’s getting an invite, you can send out your save the date wedding cards. These go out before invitations and ensure everyone is aware of the date as soon as possible. If you’re considering skipping this step, don’t! Save the date cards are crucial.

Remember that many of your guests will have to book the day off work, and maybe even longer if they live far away. The sooner you can let everyone know, the sooner they can make their preparations.

More than anything, save the date cards are a courtesy. It’s also an excellent way to break your exciting news to people who haven’t yet heard!



Picking a location that’s local to you will make things easier for your guests. Well, that’s assuming they live nearby! Obviously, there’s going to be the odd guest that has to travel.

For the most part, though, a local wedding will be a lot easier for everyone to get to. Ensuring your guests can get to your big day increases the chances of their being able to attend.

After all, it’s much easier to book one day off work than it is to book three. If you are planning a wedding a little further afield, your guests might struggle to attend.

A wedding abroad, for example, can be excellent, but it makes things tough for your guests. Not to mention the costs of travel! Make things easier for everyone by picking somewhere easy to get to.



Even when you do book locally, you’re bound to invite people that don’t live down the road. No worries. With a little planning, you can ensure they share the day with you too!

Remember that guests from out of town may not be familiar with the area. Let them know about local hotels. If you’ve chosen a hotel wedding, book the room at your venue!



The last step in cementing attendance is sending out your invitations. The save the date cards you’ve already sent will help you here. You don’t need to worry about designing your wedding invitations.

You’ve already done the hard work with your save the date cards! The wedding invitation is when you give your guests more information.

Save the date cards just inform them of the marriage and tell them the date. The wedding invitations should inform them of time and place.

Again, send the invitations with plenty of notice, so that people can arrange their accommodation and travel with ease. Once these have gone out, you can rest easy that you’ve done everything you can. Make sure you leave an R.S.V.P. so that you can be sure of numbers before the big day.

With the guests sorted, you can get started on planning the rest of the day. Rest assured, there’s plenty more for you to get stuck into!

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