To buy the new man a Christmas present or not…that is the awkward question?!!

Ok ladies here is the sticky grey area…

Which we can sometimes find ourselves in when we have just started to date someone new, it’s like The Twlight Zone, except worse, because it’s actually reality ( and only 26 days till Christmas!)

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or another special occasion we can start to fret just a little as we ask ourselves “are we buying each other a present?!

Do I play it cool, what if he spends more money than me , crap what if I get him one but he doesn’t get me one, or worse?!”

BREATHE …there is a simple solution and a few rules to follow so read on!

DISCUSSS IT WITH HIM-in a casual manner

Ok so things are going well (this isn’t a casual fling), you’re both on the same page and you are talking about things you want to do for NYE and early next year… this is a good indication that you will continue to still be dating through Christmas.

So it’s time now to casually, in passing conversation ask what each is doing for Christmas and if you are doing presents? NB: Feel free to text him this instead if you are too nervous but keep the tone conversational and casual.

It’s not as scary as it sounds and it’s a sensible and practical question to ask, better to put it out all on the table to save any awkward moments on Christmas day!

You’ll know straight away from his answer how he feels about it and that will help guide you through the rest of the topic.

SET THE BUDGET- stick to it!

You don’t want any uncomfortable moments e.g.: your man buys you a $300 Tiffany bracelet vs. your $20 anchor bracelet from braceletworld for him! No we must steer clear of said “awkward uneven spenditure” situations and set the limit.

Now it’s tough knowing exactly how much that budget should be, and I guess that depends how long you have been dating whether it’s 1 month or 6, it really is a personal decision based off your feelings for each other.

Some ball parks to go off would be:

1 month: $50
3 months: $50-$80
6 months: $ 100- $120
8 months: $100-$300
11 months: $unlimited, hopefully he’ll get you a ring ha!

KEEP IT THOUGHTFUL- size doesn’t matter here

Time to get creative ladies! Think about what he likes (based off from how much you know about him) and make mental notes when he tells you about it.

Ask him in different conversations what he likes, needs, hobbies, experiences he wants to do etc. just don’t make it obvious and don’t drill him!

Chances are you know enough to think of something he would actually APPREACIATE and not just smile at and forget about. It could even be something as simple as book he always talks about and has wanted to read, or tickets to a concert, or a ride on a jet ski, you get the drift, think outside the square.

You want to make an impression because you actually like this guy, so put some effort, heart and thought in to it and if all else fails buy him a gift voucher!

GIFT IDEAS –don’t stress out

So you’re stuck! Don’t worry here’s a few ideas :

  • Books – coffee table books, photography books, biographies , best selling novels
  • Experiences – adrenaline, skydiving, jet ski , rally car driving, super cars, V8 cars
  • Food- dining voucher, cooking course, wine/ spirits , cooking appliances ( yes really)
  • Subscriptions- wine, magazines, books
  • Toiletries- shavers, skincare products, travel bag, aftershave
  • Art – maybe have a photo put onto canvas or have his favourite picture/ poster mounted and framed.
  • Sports- gym clothes, gym bag, trainers, headphones, sweat towel, cloves, surfboard, football tickets
  • Vouchers- clothes , hard wear/tools, car, i-tunes, dining, massage, concert
  • Accessories – watch, wallet, sunglasses, jewellery
  • Technology- laptop, i-pad, phone, Kindle

Happy shopping!!! xx

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