Today is Meltdown Day!!!


You don’t have to always have it together.

Sometimes known to be around that time of the month, we are emotional creatures at the best of times and we really do have those days when just everything and I mean everything seems to be a tear trigger.

Days when taking a wrong turn or not being able to open a lolly wrapped because your nails are too short because they broke the day before; really seem like the end of the world!

It really doesn’t matter how small and insignificant it seems, to you at the time it’s a massive mountain caving down on you and all you want to do is cry and punch somebody because life right now sucks.

Well honey we have all been there and whilst drinking the entire contents of a bottle store or eating your fridge out might seem like a good option, it really doesn’t solve the problem at heart.

Sometimes “life” gets in the way of well…life or rather the little plan that we have worked out in our head. But problems no matter how big or small are character building; they challenge us, grow us and snap us out of routine.

If everything was smooth sailing we wouldn’t ever know the full capacity of our strength, resilience and maybe even potential.

Going round in Circles?

This one isn’t fun, mainly because it’s just another phrase for stalemate, always trying to get ahead but ending back in the same position, only this time more frustrated or disappointed then the last.

It’s usually a good indication that something really needs to change dramatically and somewhere along the line a sacrifice or major action needs to be taken place.

I’m not saying to live a square life or do a 180 degree turn (this is also a geometry lesson apparently! ) but taking a step in a new direction of change will definitely help break the cycle. Don’t be rash or impulsive, use your brain , be sensible and step back, take a look at what needs to be done practically, emotionally and mentally to initiate the progress you long for.

Waiting for something to Give?

Gah, this is usually the next phase after going around in circles or being in the same stage for a long amount of time. Instead of waiting for the crap to hit the fan, be proactive in bringing the change you long for into your situation.

Initiate it yourself so it has a positive effect, learn to control the situation instead of letting it control you. If you feel like you are a boiling kettle waiting to explode in a passionate hissing fit of screaming noise (which is completely understandable), stop , breathe, reassess and take action .

Don’t push yourself to such a limit that you or your relationship burns out, don’t let it get to that stage where you begin to just wait for something to crumble to make the change. You aren’t happy then do something about it, a controlled change is sometimes better.

When is the breakthrough coming ?

Oh love, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that I would be typing on a diamond encrusted keyboard. It’s a question that not even Google can answer, but I can give you comfort in the fact that it is inevitable and it is coming it’s just a matter of time.

So my advice is not to become too focused on the end result but learn to still enjoy or at least be content in the waiting period. Focus on other things, be constructive with your time and thoughts, distract yourself in such a way that you begin to enjoy life exactly where you are .

Tired of being strong

I know what that feels like, but don’t ever underestimate your own strength, you are capable and you will get through this. Take solace in the fact that your strength might be an inspiration to someone else.

Life can put us through the mill, it can make us weary, feel depleted and ready to give in, but what greatness awaits us at the end of the crap.

Stop comparing yourself or your situation to others, everyone has problems and they are all relevant to each person. Gather good friends and company around you for support.

Have a rest, go on a holiday or perhaps just slow down and only focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes being strong is realising when you need to soften your heart, or perhaps reach out for help, whether it be professional or personal

. It’s not a test; you are incapable of failing, so stop putting the pressure on yourself to be the hero. Buy a box of tissues and have a big fat cry, make a tea , wash your face and start again tomorrow , it’s okay not to be okay .


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