Top 4 Stereotypes In Online Dating Sites


Millions of people from all over the world have an account in at least one dating site. Many have found their happy endings in these platforms and many are still looking for it. If you’ve online dated for a while, you know that there are some regularly occurring drifts that you start to notice over time.


All of us have committed mistakes while dating online and we learn from those mistakes. To help you from committing any more online dating mistakes, here’s top four stereotypes in online dating sites. Are you one of these stereotypes? I hope not!


  1. The Catfisher

You met this guy who’s just the epitome of a perfect dude. Handsome smile, charming, and everything else that you could ask for in a Prince Charming, but why haven’t you met him yet? Does he make up excuses when you ask him to meet up?


Well, this might shock you, but you’re officially dating a Catfish. For starters, a Catfish is a person who’s pretending to be someone they’re not in order to lure victims into having a romantic connection with them. Their motives might differ, but for most it’s to get money from their victims. Be prepared to meet them once or twice in online dating sites. Read these tips on how to spot a Catfish and stay safe.


  1. The Overly Aggressive

Showing someone you like them is okay, but doing it the aggressive way is never okay. Like pressuring them for their emails, phone numbers, and other contact information.

You’ll most likely be perceived as clingy or worst, a scammer. So just keep it cool and don’t be overly aggressive, all good things take time. Get to know each other first. Exchange messages and maybe some photos as well.


  1. The One Who Lives In the Past

It’s cool if you’re proud of who you are. But if your profile photo dates way back in the Golden Ages, then it’s time to bring your photos up to date. It’s 2017 and mostly everything is digital. Don’t scan those old photos of yours from 10 years ago just because you look good in them.


Remember, no one wants to be misled. So don’t use misleading photos on your profile, use current photos instead. Might it be a quick snapshot that you asked your friend to take or a selfie. Flash that beautiful smile and start capturing hearts.


  1. The Adventurer

Have you ever encountered that someone who has an account on mostly every dating site? Whether general or niche dating sites, they’re there. But wait, how did you know he was there as well? Might it be that you’re an “Adventurer” as well? Hopefully not!


It’s better to stick to just one site. Make sure you’re careful in choosing which site to join. With niche dating sites available today, choosing might be a little extra tough. If you’ve settled for let’s say, interracial dating, do some research on interracial dating and safety tips and work your magic there.

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Portia Linao is an SEO specialist by day and a writer of love by night. Her habit of writing things about relationships and dating was purely accidental. She hopes to spread love just like she constantly spreads nutella over bananas.

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