The top 5 issues that cause relationships to break down


With the divorce rate on the increase, we must stop and ask ourselves what is actually causing relationship breakdowns?

Well according to Relationships Australia, the top 5 reasons for partnerships to split are for the following reasons:

1: Finance

It was interesting to note that out of all the issues, financial pressure was the number one reason why relationships fall apart. It’s not hard to see why, let’s face it, life is expensive and we live in a consumer-focused society.

They say that money is the root of all evil, well in this case it really is a major cause for issues in marriages and partnerships.  When we bring money into the equation, issues such as mistrust, self-entitlement, greed and control can all start to come into play.

Being open with each other about your financial expectations of one another will help to curve some of the fighting.

Make sure you chat about joint bank accounts, income and spending expectations and what money in general means to you both. It seems like such a trivial thing to fight over, yet it can control your entire relationship.

2: Communication issues

No surprise here really. Effective communication is what will help you have a strong and healthy relationship. Having great communication isn’t just about saying the right things, it’s also about listening and observing your partner as well.

Talking about your feelings, issues, wants, needs and everything else will help bring clarity to your relationship. So often we can avoid major fights if we just spoke a different way or let our feelings be known without the fear of the reaction.

Men and women are two very different types of people, and learning how to understand and communicate with one another is dire to any relationship.

3: Different expectations and values

When we date someone, we often think that if we have common interests then we must be compatible. The problem is that often after we have passed the passionate stage, we start to see beyond those rose-coloured glasses.

True compatibility is about being on the same page, having the same goals, plans, expectations and being able to work through problems together.

You have to be transparent with each other from the beginning. Talk about what you both want, learn about what you need to compromise on and what you simply cannot.

4: Lack of Trust

Trust is something that is not just given, it is earnt over time. It means saying yes to being vulnerable to a higher degree and believing the best in someone.

It’s hard, let’s face it. No one wants to get hurt, but when we CHOOSE to trust despite our fears, we give our relationship a wonderful gift. Trust is also build through clear communication and understanding your own boundaries and self-love as well.

5: Lack Of commitment

Solid commitment in a relationship is a must if you want it to be healthy and joyful. This goes beyond just being faithful or in a partnership with someone.

It means committing to the relationship in every way. Being consistent with your love, actions and words and giving your partner a sense of security.

Marriage and relationships are hard work, and true commitment is about CHOOSING that person daily despite feelings.


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