The top 6 relationship issues to avoid!


Finding love and building a relationship should never be taken for granted.

However, couples usually encounter some challenges that may lead to chaotic situations and invariably result into hydra-headed monsters of hatred and divorce.

There are many ways to avoid these problems like participating in seminars and courses on the ways to build a peaceful marital relationship, engaging in counseling, and reading books on conflict resolution and management.

Let’s face it, whilst marriage is hard work, it shouldn’t be the hardest thing we do in life.

  1. Mistrust

Do you know trust is the pivotal point of any relationship? For you to live together as a couple, you need to build an unshakable trust that could weather the storms of doubts and suspicions.

If there is any issue that makes you doubt each other, talk about it with him or her and reach a compromise. Remember that trust is not just a choice, it’s also something that is earnt and built over time.

  1. Financial complications

Money is one of the major challenges many couples are facing in their relationships and homes. Sometimes, issues of money are going to come in between you and your partner.

In fact you will be surprised to know that it is the number one reason for relationship breakdown. Make sure you chat about what your financial expectations are of each other regularly, it may seem mundane , but could save you a whole lot of conflict down the track.

  1. Insecurity

When we start t feel inferior withing ourselves , we can often unleash our feeling of lack on our partner. Whether we have issues that we haven’t dealt with, lack confidence or perhaps have lost our sense of value, insecurity can destroy your relationship.

When we act from a place of insecurity , we make rash and over dramatic decisions which can be detrimental to our marriage.Talk about your fears with your partner and work out together how you can build trust and confidence within your couple and self.

  1. Not making your relationship a priority

What we value we prioritize, therefore, your relationship should be a priority to you. When life gets busy we can lose perspective on what is important. Whether it’s your work, hobbies, children or anything else that keeps your occupied, make sure that you aren’t forgetting to make your relationship at the top of the list.

  1. Communication gap

Most problems in relationships are the result of improper communication, misunderstanding of motives and intentions. Therefore, make talking a priority, be transparent and practice active listening.

Give your relationship quality time to grow and nurture your values; try to listen without interrupting . Reason and iron out your differences together and do your best to reach a compromise.

Never ignore your feelings and be sensitive towards each other’ needs. Being open and transparent with each other , if you can communicate well you can get through anything.

  1. Too much time apart

If you are in a long distance relationship, or perhaps have a job that separates you and your partner regularly , it can take it’s toll on your relationship.

Good communication and comprise is what will help you navigate through this type of love. However keep in mind that having a lot of time apart will affect your relationship in more negative than positive see if you can come up with a solution..


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Mason Brown works under a divorce lawyer. He loves to write well researched and high-quality content on different topics related to marriage, family, financial issues and business opportunities. He also devotes himself to coaching and counseling clients.



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