Unveil: The dating app which is changing the way we find love


If you are looking for love , than chances are you have tried a few dating sites and apps. After awhile they can all start to look the same way , hence giving you the same results. Well now it’s time to meet a dating app that is literally changing the way we meet people.

Unveil has to be one of the most unique sites I have ever come across. It’s a cross between blind dating and a good old fashioned chat . Let me explain. Each profile that is on the site is completely blurred…the only way you can get to know someone is by a recorded voice introduction. So basically we are learning to pick someone based off what they have to say rather than the way they look.


Once you start having a conversation with them, gradually the more you talk , the more their photo is ‘unveiled’ . Of course it will always come down to attraction and appearance in the end , however it’s a clever way to level the playing field. It also means it has  a bit more depth to hit than the shallow swipe left technique .


It’s also totally free! Check out our video review on it as well


Happy Dating!


Originally posted 2016-11-14 13:15:49.

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