Want to win a date in Paris?

Imagine if your next date was in the world ‘s most romantic city?

It sounds like something out of a fairy tale , but we want to make it a reality. I recently teamed up with the latest dating app in Australia and we wanted to make the whole experience of finding love a little more special.

We-Date isn’t just another dating app , it’s one that actually spent years researching what is that singles actually want. And turns our , most of you just want to go on an actual date!

You see here’s the thing , I get requests alllllllll the time to partner with apps , and I’m pretty damn fussy. Because I am so passionate about love education and building healthy relationships , so I want to make sure the apps or sites I endorse are ones that a) are ethical b) line up with my values c) actually work!

Connection has been lost in dating and going on an actual date seems to be this over complicated process that only the few lucky get to experience.

We are so busy swiping through every possible partner , that we forget to just actually do something about finding love on a practical level.

The reason I chose to come alongside We Date is because the concept is all about getting people to connect in real life and go on a date instead of just talking and never taking action.

Long before dating apps and dating sites came into play , that’s what we used to do, date. Now it seems we have more ways than ever to connect with a single , but are not actually getting the result we want!

So here’s the deal:

In celebration of the launch we are looking for 500 eligible singles from Sydney , Melbourne , Gold Coast and Brisbane. And we want to get you out there and on a date.

All you need  to do is click the link below and fill out your details and download the app. It’s as easy as that , you’ll be able to start browsing dates and you’ll also go in the draw to win a travel voucher valued at $5, 000 !


And for everyone else who is in another location , fear not! We plan to expand and make this app global very soon, but right now we are only available in our backyard.

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