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Our heart can take a beating, yet sometimes it gets to the point where we really start to lose that young fearless attitude we use to have.

After failed relationships, rejection or maybe just being single for a long time, we can feel a little out of the loop or merely just too shy to know how to get ourselves out there again. Here’s 7 tips to getting you back on top and feeling good about yourself and dating again:

1: Choose the right dating site. 

It’s not easy with so many options to choose from! My advice is do a little research and get to know how each site works. You should be able to feel comfortable when browsing through your potential soul mates and not feel confused or like you need a technology degree!

I find that sites that charge a small fee for usage, usually attract the more serious at heart who really want to find that someone special simply because it involves a financial commitment.

2: Dress to impress

The biggest indication that you are ready for love (and the surest way to attract it!) is to show that you love and respect yourself. Taking care of your appearance not only makes you feel better and gives you confidence, it also signifies to others that you esteem them as well as yourself.

Buy a new outfit or wear that colour that makes you feel alive; spending that extra bit of time to get ready will give a good impression.

3: Stay active

Exercising daily for at least 20mins will help boost your endorphins, give you more energy and make you look and feel better. Setting yourself weekly physical goals will give you a sense of purpose and achievement which in turn boosts your confidence.

4: Get creative

Dating doesn’t have to be standard or boring, do something fun to mix it up! If chatting over coffee or meeting up for drinks is too run of the mill for you, then why not try something more adventurous like rock climbing, taste testing, or a drive-in movie?

Think outside the norm and create an opportunity to get to know your date in a different environment for both of you.

5: Choose a good profile pic

This really is important as it’s the very first visual reference they have of you.  It’s not about trying to pose or get it perfect, instead choose a picture that shows you relaxed and happy. A few rules to go by are:

– make sure no one else is in the picture (that’s just confusing!)

-take of the sunnies and anything obscuring your eyes

– make sure it’s clear and not blurry or a million miles away

– keep your clothes on!

Let’s be honest we do judge people just a little based off their profile picture, so make yours a standout!

6: Remember what you have to offer.

Write a list not only of what you want but what you also can give. It’s important to be aware of who you are as a person, because chances are you have some amazing qualities that deserve to be recognised by special someone. Don’t lose your identity or your self-worth in this season of dating, rejection can be tough but it doesn’t make you any less of a person.

7: Choose compatibility.

This helps set mutual ground for you and your date. If you have things in common (which go beyond food and colours) then you will have more of a chance to build something lasting. Choose to date people that have similar morals, hobbies and goals as you, it’ll make your dates so much more enjoyable and easy because you won’t be fumbling around looking for things to talk about or connect on.

And remember dating should be fun!


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