10 ways to tell if he is a ‘good guy’


A little bit of guidance and advice on love can go a long way…

But when your Facebook feed becomes inundated with meme’s and picture of a billion qualities that a ‘good man’ should have , it becomes all very overwhelming and confusing!

Attracting the right man into your life isn’t about having a 50 page checklist, but rather just knowing the basic qualities in someone’s character that is NEEDED to maintain a healthy and happy relationship and love.

We love to over complicate things, especially matters of the heart, so I have broken it down into the top 10 points to look for when opening up your heart to someone new:

1: He treats you with love and respect

Whilst this may seem obvious, it’s amazing how many women actually seem to forfeit it in a relationship.

When a man respects and loves you this isn’t just about him pulling out chairs, opening doors or paying for the bills, this goes beyond just chivalry and becomes more about his consistent behaviour towards you.

Love is not just a feeling, it’s a choice and an action and when a man really loves you, it will be evident daily in his words and treatment of you. He won’t abuse or use you, his words and actions will line up and you will feel a sense of peace.

2: He supports who you are and your dreams

The right sort of man for you will celebrate who you are and encourage you to grow and achieve the most out of life. He won’t be jealous of your success or trying to compete, but rather he will be boosting your self-esteem and making you feel like you can conquer anything.

3: He loves himself

This isn’t about dating a narcissist or someone overly confident, I think we can all agree those are not “good guys”! However when a guy understand the importance of loving himself properly he is able to deal with past baggage, present issues and harness future goals.

You shouldn’t have to go into a relationship and take on a whole heap of problems or deal with an insecure and emotionally immature partner. Save yourself some time and emotion and learn to attract a man who has worked out what it is he wants in life.

4: He makes you a priority

If a man really wants to be with you then he will be. Period. A good guy will be chasing you, not the other way round. You won’t have to fight for a spot to be in his life, because he will automatically want to make way for you to be at the top of his list.

5: He takes responsibility for his actions

When you meet a ‘good guy’ you can be sure that he is someone who understands there are consequences for his actions and he always tries to be aware of them.

He will not just make up excuses or dismiss his behaviour but instead will genuinely try to amend issues and apologise if he has done something wrong.

6: He’s faithful, honest and trustworthy

A great partner is someone who is transparent and honest right from the beginning. There is no game playing or deception because they value and respect who you are and want to make you feel secure and safe.

There shouldn’t be any secrecy, jealously, hiding or suspicious behaviour going one, because he understands that this is damaging and destructive to your relationship.

7: He makes an effort with your friends and family

It’s true…when a great man walks into your life and heart you will know because he will make a real genuine effort to be a part of your family and social life.

He wants to meet your friends and impress your parents because he knows they are important to you and keeping you happy is his priority.

8: He makes you laugh and knows how to have fun

There is nothing more wonderful then being able to have a great big belly laugh with the man you love! Dating and relationships are meant to be full of joy and fun, so make sure the man you seek knows how to give you the giggles!

9: He romances your heart

Not everyone is into the typical style of romance such as flowers, dancing and surprise puppies…, but when you find a man who understands how to romance you in such a way that you feel special, appreciated and loved, that is when you know you have a good man.

Being romanced isn’t so much about having a man spend money on you, but rather it’s an implication that he is thinking and prioritising your happiness and heart.

10: He commits to his words and decisions

Finally ladies, a good man is a man who isn’t afraid to commit to you. You shouldn’t be trying to force a man to stay with you, nor should you have to live on tender hooks and have your future hanging in limbo.

A man who loves you properly will make follow through with his promises and will speak of a future and not leave you second guessing as to where you stand with him.

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