5 ways to tell if a man is in it for a good time …or a long time.


Ahh men…they are such curious creatures whom seem to have this magical power over our (common) senses.

As women we love to convince ourselves that he isn’t a jerk (when all his actions say he is). We also love to over think, over complicate and over commit our hearts before we have had a chance to really see his true character.

So I’m making it black and white for you ladies. Here is how to tell if he is just being a player or if he is serious about wooing your heart …because he actually wants to commit.

1:  He will make sexual jokes or innuendo

I once read in a book that men reveal their true thoughts and character through their jokes. Which I must agree with to a degree. If a guy is making little comments “jokingly” that have sexual references or connotations, then ladies you can be sure he’s only thinking about one thing. There is a difference between flirting and being sexual in your talk or jokes, so don’t get them mixed up.

2: He will text instead of calling

A guy that isn’t into commitment will generally take the easy route. Whilst there is nothing wrong with texting, it’s not cool if he does it all the time instead of actually making the effort to call you. When a guy chooses to call, he is effectively prioritising you and making the effort to communicate in a more personal way. Because let’s face it, you can text anytime (even when you’re on the toilet!) but a call is something that requires more energy, time and effort.

3: He won’t keep his promises or his appointments

A player who is only after a good time, will never really commit to his word. He doesn’t want to feel tied down or give the impression that he wants to get serious. He is more concerned about himself and what suits him, rather than you . A man who is serious about you, won’t leave you hanging or second guessing.

4: He doesn’t care about your friends and family

Ouch! This one hurts, but it is a good indication whether or not he is someone in it for the long haul or just a long night. A guy that really wants to be a part of your world will make every effort to do so. He will go out of his way to meet your family and friends and try to build a social connection with them. A player will avoid group situations especially when close friends and family are involved!

5: He never makes concrete plans

When a guy wants to be with you, he will do anything to make that happen. Period. This is black and white ladies; players won’t make you a priority unless they can get something from you i.e.: sex. A good man will book you up in advance, he will make plans with you and he won’t cancel them. You aren’t meant to be left in limbo or always wondering if anything will actually go ahead. A healthy relationship will be full of certainty and peace.

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