Welcome to the new look and new name of Bella and Darcy



“Wow I am so thrilled to finally unveil my new branding and look of my dating and relationship blog . For all my loyal followers you will know that I have had Bella and Darcy for about 3 years and have since decided it needed a little revamp and perhaps a title that makes it a little clearer about what we are about!”

Welcome to The Dating Directory, an online community for women about love, dating , relationships and life in the modern world. This is a blog that was born out of my passion; which is to see women cultivate healthy and happy relationships and live and love joyfully. I believe every woman is a treasure and deserves to be loved the way God intended: wholly, unconditionally and without constant pain and hardship. Unfortunately in today’s world it seems like such a mission to find a decent man, to hold a marriage together, to love ourselves properly ,to keep that new year’s resolution and the list goes on !! My aim is for The Dating Directory to be a place not only full of helpful information and practical tips but also a hub where women can gather and feel supported, understood , educated and have a laugh along the way. After all if we can’t laugh at our bad dates then what can we do? ( tweet about it?)

On this site I will be sharing some exciting new things like weekly interviews from inspiring women, video blogs ( bare with me I’m not great at technology!) and even a directory page where you can find anything and everything to do with dating and relationships listed on it!

Ladies this is a site for anyone and everyone, whether you are married, divorced, young, old, single, taken or looking for love for the 1st time or 100th time, this blog is for you.  There is such an information overload nowadays on how we should love, whom we should date, and what we should look like, that it gets really darn confusing and we end up just walking around totally clueless as to what the answer actually is! Whist I don’t claim to hold the golden ticket to happily ever after, I sure do hope that The Dating Directory will become your new Fairy Godmother 😉

Renee xx


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