What are the signs of a healthy and great relationship?

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect partner with whom they can spend the rest of their life happily.

Having a partner that connects with you and the healthy relationship you share with them can bring out the best in you. Unfortunately, perfect relationships don’t exist. However, your relationship can be satisfying and happy if not perfect. But, if you are already in a relationship, how would you know if it is a good and healthy one?


Here are a few healthy signs of a sound relationship that will tell you whether you should hold onto what you have.


  1. Mutual Respect

The first and foremost sign of any good relationship is mutual respect. It helps you to remain compassionate, committed, truthful and honest in a relationship. It also means there is no room for physical or mental abuse in your relationship. In the end, all of these factors will make your relationship stronger and happier.


However, the respect for each other should go beyond your conventional role as a partner. You should respect each other’s beliefs, cultures, aspirations, personal dignity, and social values as a unique human being. That means you should support your partner’s dreams and personal goals.


  1. Trust

You cannot love someone without trusting them. Trust is the backbone of your relationship. You must have the trust in your partner that they will always remain loyal to you, support you, and love you. Trust allows you to confide in your partner, to share your secrets with them, and feel safe while doing so.


Unfortunately, trust is a rare commodity. People lie all the time and end up hurting someone they love. That’s why it is difficult to trust someone. However, you will need to work out any trust issues if you want your relationship to thrive.


  1. Honesty

Honesty plays a critical role in building the trust in a relationship. Even a mere white liecan one day tear your relationship into pieces. You should be able to talk to each other openly. Open and transparent conversations, where neither of you judges the other nor responds in exasperation, are the signs of honesty in your relationship. In other words, you never feel like you should keep a secret from your partner.


  1. Equality

Both partners are an equal being in a healthy relationship. Instead of one person calling all the shots or getting all the attention and fun, you should be able to do all of this together. One person shouldn’t carry the burden to make your relationship work as well. Both of you need to share equal responsibilities in a relationship.


Similarly, both person’s desires and dreams are also equally important. You should support each other’s goals with the same zeal. However, equality can mean different things to different people. Together, you need come up with a precise interpretation of equality or balance in your relationship, preferably at the onset of your relationship.

  1. Being Responsible

Taking ownership and responsibility for your actions is an essential part of a healthy relationship as it creates trust and dependability. Instead of playing the blame game, each one of you should take responsibility for your own actions whether good or bad.


If you are angry or frustrated, don’t take it out on your partner. Try to be open and authentic with them, and tell them how you honestly feel without raising your voice. Make positive changes in your behavior to show your partner that you are willing to work on this relationship and trying to be a responsible person.


  1. Joint Decision Making

When you are in a relationship, you need to consult your partner before making even relatively simple decisions that may affect you as a couple. From starting a family to buying a new sofa, you have to make several emotional and financial decisionstogether and listen to each other’s concerns and desires.


Of course, you will be making a few routine decisions autonomously. You are not going to call your partner every time you get a refill at the gas station. So, what you consider to be important decisions that you need to make jointly is one of the first decisions you should make in a relationship.


  1. Intimacy

Both physical and emotional intimacy is a sign of a healthy relationship. Physical intimacy points to a healthy sex life, while emotional intimacy is the closeness in which both partners feel secured, cared, and loved.


Emotional intimacy is more about bonding, trust, communication, responsiveness, friendship, and self-awareness. If you enjoy spending quality time with your partner other than in the bedroom, chances are, you have a sufficient amount of emotional intimacy in your relationship.


  1. Occasional Disagreements and Fights

Despite having a healthy relationship, most couples have disagreements and occasional fights too. It is perfectly normal. In fact, if you aren’t fighting, chances are you are holding something back, which is indeed worse than fighting. But, the point is, are you having a healthy argument?


In a healthy argument, there is no screaming, devaluating, name-calling or insulting your partner. Instead, you can listen to each other, resolve your conflict, and make the necessary compromise amicably. Remember, in a relationship, sometimes you have to let go of something you like and so does your partner.


Parting Words


Each relationship is unique. As a result, there are several different signs of a healthy relationship. These are, however, the most common and the most important ones. You may find some of these sings obvious, while others may seem completely unexpected. In any case, if your relationship lacks one of these sings, it may not be as good as you imagine. In short, you may need to take the necessary actions as soon as possible to turn your relationship around. Use these tips and tell us about your experience in the comments.


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