What are you watering in your relationship?


It starts with the common fact that the growth of something requires feeding and nourishing or in symbolic terms watering.

As we have all experienced, growth applies to every aspect of our lives, from physical to mental or personal it is a natural progression of life itself.

Therefore something that happens naturally needs to be monitored so that our subconscious doesn’t feed it but rather our everyday choices and words reflect the type of growth we really want to see.

When it comes to the relationships in our lives, a good indication of what we are watering in them is the repetitive patterns, words and level of progress that they show.

It’s all in your words

We spend a good majority of our day talking, having conversations, writing and conversing to anyone and everyone. Statistics show that men use an average of 7000 words a day where as women use around 20000( it seems we have a lot to say !)

Therefore it can be quite easy to lose awareness of what we are saying and develop certain habits of speech, tone or an over use of specific vocabulary.

For some it took a book called “The Secret” for them to realise that whatever we manifest on and speak we also bring into existence. To me it’s not really a secret but just bloody common sense but cudos to the writer who capitalised on society’s lack of personal awareness.

Back to the point ladies, what are we speaking into our lives and relationship? How often do we stop and take a mental check of what is coming out of our mouths?

If you were to record everything that you said to your partner or children would you be able to stomach listening to it played back?

It’s easy to let familiarity and habits become the centre of everything we say and do but it’s not necessarily going to be watering the change in our relationships or ourselves that we want to see.

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts that more we speak something out loud, the more it’s built into our subconscious and that becomes the underlying foundation of our actions and thoughts.

Are you speaking life into your relationship, or are you negative, condescending and let’s face it nag hag?!

I challenge you for a day to mentally check each word before it leaves your mouth and choose to speak the change you want into your life and relationship.

Actions speak volumes

Oh if only it was simple as turning the tap on and pointing the hose at your husband and “watering” all the good stuff! Unfortunately this won’t work (but you have my full permission to try it anyway just to be sure) so let’s look at some other avenues.

Life gets busy and we fall into routine not only with our words but also our actions. It’s important to be aware of your daily habits, we are conscious to eat, sleep and exercise, so why not take this into our relationship as well.

Date nights are a great positive action which forces us to set a specific time aside for your partner to continue to build romance.

Spending quality time with your significant other might mean sacrificing something that you wanted to do on your own like wanting a spare minute to shave your legs in the bath without being hassled by husband, child, dog and goldfish; but water one part of your relationship and the other things will automatically start to become a lot easier.

Other actions might be building something physical together ( IKEA furniture does not count)  or slowing down and taking time to listen to one another.

Or perhaps its taking action to follow through on a promise or breaking a bad habit, my point is that your daily actions are conscious and are focused on watering the good things in your relationships.

bella and darcy fairytale love romance

Mental check

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up (coffee does not count!) Are you full of positive thoughts, motivated and inspired each day?

Or are you just a zombie going through the motions never really setting new challenges or addressing old problems. What we meditate on we manifest into our life (however in this case we shall make exception of famous celebrities, nice mother in-laws, perfect children and Brad Pitt as our significant other).

Whichever thoughts you give more attention to; they will become the foundation of your actions and words. Consciously build a subconscious that sets you up for life, in other words make the mental decision to think your way into a healthier happier relationship.

Remember ladies each day we have an opportunity to water either the good the bad the ugly or the plants! What will you choose to water?


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