What Do Women Really Think about Dating? Top 6 Myths Busted

Over time, and with enough effort, you can change the way you think, feel, and act when it comes to dating.

If you have lived in this world for as long as we have, then we are pretty sure you must have encountered some ‘rules’ and assumptions regarding relationships, dating, and love. 

A perfect example is the rule ‘after a date, wait three days before texting or
calling.’ Heard that one before? We have – plenty of times.

However, plenty of those assumptions are simply not true – especially when it comes to women.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look closer look at the top six myths regarding women and dating.

Myth 1: Women Desire the Whole Package

There seems to be a wrong belief going around that women always date to marry. While there are plenty of gals that seem to chase after that, many girls are fine with Beyond Ages during a long layover in Massachusets or wherever they find themselves at any given moment. 

They just want someone to talk to and enjoy time without any commitments.

What’s more, several studies indicate that men are just as likely to want to commit, get married, and have children.

Myth 2: Women Talk a Lot More than Men

Obviously, there are some women that could talk for hours without taking any breaks.

However, there are also men who act like this.

Truth be told, it has nothing to do with gender – it’s more about personality.

UCSF study quoted by many publications claims that women speak around 20.000 words daily on average, while men speak only 7.000 words.

However, we have to remember that it’s just one study that says so. Many others that have been done before and after show the opposite – men actually talk more than women.

Myth 3: Women Prefer Muscular Men

When you look at the magazine, all you see are advertisements featuring muscular male models who look like they were chiseled by God.

Since we are bombarded with such images daily, it is easy to believe that this is exactly what women want.

The same happens with women, who see the models with perfect figures everywhere.

However, in both cases, that’s not really true. While many people do appreciate it when another person has a beautiful body, it doesn’t mean that they are only attracted to that particular body type.

People have different tastes, which means that they will find different things attractive.

Myth 4: Women Like Bad Boys

Now, this is probably one of the most widespread myths about women and dating.

The truth is that, just like with muscular guys, everything depends on the person’s individual type.

Even though bad boys are often hard to resist, many women don’t see themselves in a long-term relationship with them.

What’s more, according to several surveys, what women are looking for in a life partner are personality traits such as honesty, respectfulness, and trustworthiness.

Another study, performed in 2008 by the British Journal of Psychologyrevealed that women find signs of altruism attractive. Such signs include, for example, volunteering or working in non-profit organizations.

Myth 5: Women Love Men Who Love Adrenaline

Everyone needs some adrenaline in their life from time to time to break out of their routine.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying activities like base jumping or driving a fast car.

Unfortunately, some guys seem to have a wrong belief that all women they meet will be turned on when they hear about it – sure, some will be because that’s what they are into.

However, as studies show, if women had to choose between a cautious person, the so-called good boy, and someone in love with adrenaline, a daredevil, to be their long-term partner, they would choose the first one.

What’s more, as the research performed by William Farthing, a psychology professor at the University of Maine, revealed, women prefer men who are in the middle – they have enough bravery to engage in moderately risky acts, but also enough thoughtfulness to avoid being part of highly dangerous daredevil acts.

Myth 6: Feminist Women Aren’t Good At Relationships or Sex

Another very common belief is that women who identify themselves are feminists hate men and despise sex.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to a study conducted by Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan, feminist women are actually more likely to be in heterosexual romantic relationships than non-feminist women.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many assumptions circulating around the society regarding women and dating, most of which are simply not true.

Truth be told, when it comes to who women are most likely to date, it’s all about the other person’s personality and the woman’s taste.

It doesn’t matter how good they look in the eyes of others – if the woman doesn’t feel any attraction towards them, she is not going to date them.

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