What do women want and what are they thinking about ?

They say it takes two to tango

The key to building a successful relationship lies in understanding and accepting both parties’ reasons for entering one.

As a dating and relationship coach, people often ask me why there’s still a lot of unsuccessful relationships in spite of all the means partners can communicate with each other, not to mention the access to self-help information and relationship coaches.


In this interview I reveal:

·        Why women get into a relationship
·        Why women keep getting into toxic relationships
·        How men and relationships work
·        The need for love education
·        The biggest turnoffs for men
·        Why you need to date yourself first
·        What men and women want to know on the first date
·        How to date smart by dating like a man

Click here now to listen to the full podcast or read the entire conversation.

Originally posted 2020-06-15 22:04:01.

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