What does his mixed signals mean? And what should you do?

What does his mixed signals mean?

What to do when he gives you mixed messages?

If you are getting mixed signals and mixed messages form a guy then you need to watch this. I will tell you what to do when he gives you mixed messages, what his mixed signals mean and how to handle mixed signals from a guy. Because the last thing you want to do is fall for someone who isn’t a genuine guy

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If he is sending you mixed signals or sending you mixed messages then it could be because of one of these 5 reasons. The last thing you want to do is feel like you can’t ask him to take your relationship to the next level because there is no consistency or stability .

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Stop the confusing messages from a guy and work out what he means when he send mixed signals by watching the video below!

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What does his mixed signals mean ?

Here is a break down of each mixed message he might be giving you:

1: He is more interested in the chase then the actual relationship.

If he only ever seems to show interest when you don’t show any, then as soon as you reciprocate he pulls back… well chances are he is only after the chase. It will make you feel like you have to always pretend not to show your feelings or walk on eggshells and that is unhealthy and draining .

So in this instance , state what you want , set the boundary and if he doesn’t want the whole hog then he can go elsewhere !

2: He’s testing you

Guys will do this , because they want to make sure the woman they are investing into , is a woman who brings value. So he may push the boundaries a little or cause you to go out on a limb , but this isn’t a bad thing!

It’s actually an opportunity to show him that you have standards and strength and aren’t afraid to disagree or stand up for what you want.

3: He’s unsure about what he wants .

This could really go either way , his indecisiveness may not necessarily reflect being unsure about you , but rather about himself and the direction his life and feelings are going.

If a man feels lost because of lack of purpose , direction , maybe job transition or lack of stability and status …then he will find it hard to give a relationship his all.

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4: He’s dating other women

Probably not what you wanted to hear …but he might be all over the place because he is dating other women at the same time . The key here is to guard your heart and don’t invest too much if he isn’t making you a priority .

Be bold and ask him if he is dating other women and tell him you don’t want to be just one of his options !

5: They aren’t mixed signals , you just are confusing feelings with toxic behaviour 

Yup , I had to go there …because sometimes our heart will lie to our brain! If a man really likes you it won’t be confusing , her will making it clear that he wants you and only you. Love isn’t as complicated as we think , it’s just about what you are willing to put up with.

So make sure you know your worth and are transparent about what you want so he can either choose to meet you on the same page or go and date another book!

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