What single life is really like…

Is it better or worse to be single?

These days, plenty of young men and women believe that being single is much better than being in a committed relationship. On the other hand, today’s pop culture glorifies sexually active single people who don’t want to be in a traditional relationship.

As a result, we can see hot Australian singles, American youngsters with perfect bodies, and British youth that enjoy only casual sex. So, it’s easy to see why modern men and women think that being single is the best thing ever. However, expectations and reality tend to be quite different when it comes to the life of today’s singles, as we’re about to see.  

Enjoying the Freedom of a Single Life

Expectations: Most guys and gals believe that being single gives them the freedom to do whatever they want. And they’re not wrong. Not being in a relationship allows them to do all the things they maybe wouldn’t if they had a partner. A single person doesn’t have to feel guilty because they came home late or because they flirted with some people they met in town. Single individuals can also go on an unplanned vacation with their friends and no one would nag them about it.  

Reality: To be fair, the things we mentioned above really sound like great benefits of a single life. However, is that really what being single looks like? Well, no! The freedom part is true. People without partners can do what they want, but not being able to share their happiness with that special someone usually makes them feel rather lonely. Let’s just say that being free to do all kinds of fun stuff isn’t that exciting if you don’t have someone to tell them about it at the end of the day.

Tips: Even though the benefits of a single life may look tempting, you can’t enjoy them if you feel lonely. Therefore, if you crave companionship, go ahead and find yourself a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Meeting People and Flirting With Them 

Expectations: Nowadays, a lot of young men and women believe a single life will provide them with a chance to meet plenty of beautiful singles and flirt with them whenever they want. They think that every person they meet in a pub is saving themselves just for them. 

Reality: If you’re newly single and looking forward to this benefit, you should know that most eligible people you meet in pubs are actually not there to flirt with other single folks. They just want to have a good time and they hate it when someone ruins their night with inappropriate comments. 

Tips: Don’t assume that every night will be a success when it comes to flirting. Some people are not interested in dating, so you have to respect their wishes. State your intentions, but be kind and patient. This way, you won’t be disappointed every time someone rejects you.

Watching Other Happy Couples 

Expectations: Single people tend to make fun of couples that are in love. They’re doing this because they think their lives are more interesting. Your other single friends are probably doing this and you might think that this is the way to go. 

Reality: Most single men and women actually envy the people who are in good and loving relationships. So, when you see a person who is happy to have someone special in their life, don’t be afraid to admit yourself that you secretly want that too.

Tips: Don’t envy these couples. Instead, try to find someone who will make you feel loved. Know that you too can have this type of relationship.

Going to Family Reunions 

Expectations: It doesn’t matter if a person is single, in a relationship, or married, family reunions are mandatory. Now, a single guy or a gal thinks that, among all those married relatives who are telling their parenting stories, they will be the coolest person there. 

Reality: There’s nothing wrong with being single, but you shouldn’t brag about it at family reunions either. If you’re the only member of your family who doesn’t have a spouse, everyone will pity you and that won’t feel good. 

Tips: Going to family reunions is painless if you have a partner. However, if you’re not in a relationship, you can always ask someone to go with you thus avoiding all the awkward and embarrassing questions.

Enjoying Casual Sex with Different Partners 

Expectations: Today’s movies and TV shows are telling us that having many sexual partners is a good thing. That’s why a lot of young men and women are trying to seduce a different person every few days believing that this will make them look cool. 

Reality: Actually, having sex with many people can be quite awkward. Considering the fact that every person is different, there’s no real guarantee that sex will be good every time. In most cases, it will be mediocre or even unpleasant.

Tips: Don’t have sex with just anyone you meet. Instead of having casual sex, try to find that special someone with whom you can enjoy passionate lovemaking.

Final Word 

To be honest, being single is not always great. Yes, it has its benefits and some people really know how to enjoy this lifestyle, but usually being single can make people feel rather lonely. At the end of the day, we all want someone special in our lives. 

Use this season as a time to grow as a person and find wholeness out of another , remember it is just a season not a sentence and you are worthy of the love you want!

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