What to do when a girl ghosts you

Want to know what to do when a girl ghosts you?

And how to move on after she ghosted you? In this video I give dating advice to men on what to do when a girl ghosts you and how to let go and move on when she ghosted you.

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Let’s talk about when a girl ghosts you:

When somebody disappears and doesn’t give you any explanation after you have been dating them or even had a relationship with them , you have been ghosted.

It’s an awful feeling to never have a clear answer to why they did it , and even more painful and frustrating than a normal break up. So what should you do when a girl ghosts you? Because statistically speaking women are more likely to ghost then men!


What to do is a girl ghosts you | She ghosted you #askRenee


Here are my tips for what to do when a girl ghosts you :

5) Accept her behaviour of ghosting as your answer – don’t go looking for her to try and get the real reason. She’s not worth your time if you weren’t worth her’s to give you an answer .

4) Choose closure – choose to move on even without all the answers , don’t wait for closure. You got closure the moment she disappeared on you.

3) Redirect your energy – holding onto something painful is pouring energy into something that is going nowhere . Learn to focus your energy and emotions into building the new and into people who value you.

2) Rebuild your confidence – focus on tasks, challenges and people that help you feel secure and good about yourself.

1) Don’t punish other women because of this one woman – Not all women are out there to leave you with a broken heart. Choose to let go and see the good in the new women that you date.


Remember that someone else’s rejection or approval of you doesn’t determine your value, Ghosting has more to do with their issues than yours ( most of the time ) and whilst it hurts , it is not always measure of who you are or who you can be in a relationship.

Love Renee xx PS : Check out my other video on The Attractive Man channel about what to do when a girl ghosts you .


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