What to expect when dating an older woman

Here are my tips in response to an email when it comes to dating an older woman.

Because dating an older woman isn’t something that should be frowned upon , but it’s good to know what to expect when dating an older woman.

Let’s talk about dating an older woman:

What to expect when dating an older woman | Should you date an older woman.

When I started talking about The Age Gap in my other video , it had a lot of positive and mixed responses. Whilst I don’t think that age is a measure for compatibility , I was emailed several times by men asking about the things to expect when dating an older woman.

When I say older woman – I don’t mean senior in her 60’s etc…I mean someone who is significantly ( over 7 years or more ) older than you .

So whether you are 19 wanting to date someone in her 30’s or your are 35 wanting to date a 47 year old …this is my advice for you when it comes to dating an older woman.

1) Age doesn’t equal compatibility – as long as you are on the same page and headed in the same direction and have the right foundations for a compatible relationship , age shouldn’t really affect it.

2) Communicate what your expectations are – instead of assuming to someone getting hurt , talk to each other about what you want and where you are at.

3)The family question may come up – if you or her want to start a family make sure this is talked about. Some women are happy to date younger men and not want a family straight away , for other their biological clock ticks over and they want to eventually have some babies!

4) Express what you want for the season that you are in life – make sure that you are comfortable with your decisions along the way and learn to communicate them unapologetically.

5) You may experience scrutiny from others – remember it’s no one else’s business.

6) You have experienced life at different stages – and therefore may not always relate to the same things or see eye to eye.

With every type of relationship there will always be challenges, but it doesn’t make them impossible .

Learn to choose your battles and the right person to do them with to make love easier and more enjoyable.

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