What To Look For On A First Date

This is going to clear up the confusion ( and save you a lot of time!)

First dates , whilst fun and exciting are also full of indications about whether or not you have potential with that person.

Sometimes we can get so caught up on the end result of a relationship that we forget about just starting with the basics to work out whether or not we should even get the commitment we want from this guy.

Dating has become way more complicated then it actually needs to, and here is why I wanted to give you a video that just breaks it down practically about what you should be looking for on a first date.

The last thing we want to do is jump the gun (or jump to conclusions) and start getting ahead of ourselves.

I find that these techniques and signs I teach you about really work and help to simplify the whole process and keep you present. 

Click the video to watch !

What to look for on a first date| Things to look for on a first date. #askRenee

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