Where to meet Christian singles online

Because faith without works means you stay single longer !


Sharing one’s faith with another kindred soul forms deep bonds of love and connectedness in which God plays a pivotal role. That’s why ChristianCupid is the site to meet Christian singles on.

It’s a special Christian dating app, which will help you find the soulmate, whose faith and core values align with your own.


When you sign up on the ChristianCupid site they guarantee a safe and secure online experience, free of people whose intentions are less than honorable and behavior offensive to people of good Christian character.

ChristianCupid is a global network helping people to meet Christian singles, with a proven track record of many happy matches, which have brought Christians together in their shared beliefs.


It’s simple, easy, and free to join. Once you sign up you can create an individual profile, describing your special qualities. Add photos that show you at your most attractive and describe your perfect partner.

You can begin searching to meet Christian singles, who live in your area and share similar interests and the kind of lifestyle that appeals to you. If you ‘like’ a member and they ‘like’ you back don’t hesitate to make contact.


Christian Dating for Free

Christian Dating for Free is a Christian dating app with up-to-date technology and cutting-edge software, working to match high-caliber Christian singles across the globe.

And they do it in a safe and secure manner. Members’ personal information is protected to the greatest degree and the site is monitored for profanity, indecent language, and other unacceptable content.

In fact, if you should run across any content you deem offensive they ask you report it and they will act on it immediately.



This is one of the better Christian dating apps, created by a practicing Christian psychologist. His profession and specialized knowledge led him to create a Compatibility Matching System®, which coordinates Christian single men and women, predicated on 29 factors that contribute to a harmonious relationship with a match.   

No other Christian dating appcan claim the success eHarmony has had with matchmaking Christians.


Once you register with eHarmony you will be asked to fill out a Relationship Questionnaire. Together with the Compatibility Matching System™ eHarmony will do the work of finding only those Christian singles that match your stated goals, values, and preferences.



Zepeel, although not a Christian dating app, has a broad appeal to people from all walks of life in the short time it’s been in existence. From young to old, highly educated or not, people can meet Christian singles of high moral character on Zepeel.

What’s new and refreshing about Zepeel is it is video-oriented. Instead of a traditional profile, a member uploads a 30-second video introducing themselves.

Here’s an opportunity to acknowledge you are a Christian looking to meetChristian singles to form a relationship with. When a member’s video garners a ‘plus’ and a ‘plus’ is sent back a match is made.  

Sending text messages is another opportunity to check each other out more. Video messages reveal more insights into each other’s character and beliefs.

Once you’ve reached the stage where you are on a live chat, the face-to-face interaction will bring each other’s personalities and characters into more focus. Are you ready to take it to the next level and meet IRL? Zepeel ‘s video-centered platform will get you there.



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