Who should pay on the first date?



Q: Who should pay for a first date?#askRenee

A: Call me old fashioned but I think that the man should do the honours on the first date.

Now before you start throwing burning bras at me, hear me out! It not only gives the man a chance to be a gentleman and show that he can be romantic and has good manners; it also sets the bar for what you expect.

If a man asks you out and then expects you to pay, it’s usually a good indication that he is either selfish, using you or has no idea about how to show respect to a woman.

Even if you were courageous and asked him out for the first drink, it is still more acceptable for him to pay the bill , it doesn’t mean you are a princess but rather it gives him permission to be the man. After a few dates it’s definitely time to pull your weight and contribute to the bill whether its Dutch or full it’s important to show that you value him and don’t expect him to always fork out for you.

Check out the video I did on it here!

Happy Dating!

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