Why did he disappear after the first date?

So you’re first date went swell..

.but then you haven’t really heard much from him.

What does it mean when he pulls back after the first date?

It’s confusing especially when you assumed that he was into you and that everything was going well.

Here are 5 possible reasons why he has pulled back after your first date and just isn’t that into you

: 1) You gave too much too soon – men need some mystery and chase in order to keep wanting to see a girl.

2) He isn’t attracted to you – sometimes attraction can be one sided and if a man isn’t attracted to you he won’t want to see you again.

3) There is no chase and challenge – two things men need to keep pursuing you!

4) He’s seeing other women – if you met him on a dating app this could be the reason why.

5) He doesn’t feel good about himself when he is with you- so he doesn’t see value in hanging out and dating you anymore.

Remember we aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that is OK , we don’t have to be!

For every date that doesn’t work put , ask yourself what can you learn and then choose to let him go and move on .

Why did he disappear after the first date. #askRenee



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