Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

Have you ever been in a situation where you spend a loving time together with your partner and after he got cold feet and start pulling away with no reason?!

Which made you left confused, upset, panicky and you just not sure what is going on…In your head, you started wondering what did I do, what did I say? Why is he doing this?
Now, ladies, I have good news for you! First, it has nothing to do with you. Second please don’t panic it’s all good.
It all is actually happening because of his testosterone levels dropping down? What? Huh? How …

Let me explain:

As you might know, men have 20/30 times more testosterone than women. The man feels the best when his testosterone level is up. So for example, if he is achieving his goals and ambitions his testosterone will be reaching the top and he will feel at his best.
On the other hand, if he is failing in something his testosterone level will drop and he will feel pretty crap. In order for him to feel good again and bring his testosterone back up, he will have to pull away from that situation and take some me time. Once he feels good again he is back on track conquering the world.
Now ladies here is a tricky thing. Oxytocin which is a love hormone makes a mans testosterone level to go down. Oxytocin is released when a man and a woman is spending lots of loving time together.
Therefore after a loving time together a mans testosterone level drops and his need becomes to naturally pull away from a woman in order to bring his testosterone level back up.

What do you do in this case?

First, you enjoy your time with him. Second, when he pulls away you let him pull away without complaints or running after him. Just simply understanding and letting him fulfill his need. Third, when he does pull away, just do you, concentrate on your goals, have fun with your family and friends. Fourth when he does come back with his testosterone level back up just keep enjoying the beautiful relationship that you both have.
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