Why Reality Dating Shows Are Not All That Bad

Dating shows, or reality television in general, often get a bad rep.

But the truth is, they’re actually not that bad to watch. Aside from being wildly entertaining (so much so that they provide an escape for many of us), there are nuggets of wisdom that you can gain from watching them. Here are a few that we can think of:

You can’t force love

As previously stated here on The Dating Directory, being on a dating show is not a guarantee that you’ll stumble upon your soulmate. It’s the same thing as fancying your co-worker in secret — proximity does not guarantee that you’ll find love. It simply cannot be forced by being stuck together.

That said, there are instances when on-screen romance is genuine, according to Cosmopolitan’s hired body language expert. Some people do make real connections under these circumstances, but only time will tell if they can survive outside the bubble.

Happy endings can be real

While some relationships on the telly are doomed to fail from the beginning, others manage to make it through thick and thin. This is Insider’s list of couples from The Bachelor franchise shows those who have survived the test of time, which helps many of us hold on to hope that fairytale endings do exist.

Bachelorette Trista Rehn has been with Ryan Sutter since 2003, while Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are raising a beautiful family together. The catch is that you can never tell when or how it comes, but yours may be waiting just around the corner.

Relationship ideals are just that — ideals

As we’ve seen on six seasons of Beauty and the Geek, true love is not based on aesthetic appeal or intellect. A lot of people choose who they date based on how attractive or smart they are, but by doing so, they are closing themselves off to some pretty amazing people.

These people may not fit your ideals of a partner, but they might just defy your expectations in many other ways. Another thing that Beauty and the Geek taught us throughout the years is that the right pairing can bring out the best in two people.

Love at first sight does happen.

It’s easy to lose hope in fairytale scenarios, but decades of tuning into the latest dating show have shown us that they can still happen. I’ve always believed in love at first sight and I’m sure many have experienced it at least once in their lifetime. One couple that comes to mind is Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer from Love Island.

Ladbrokes notes that the two managed to make things work despite a testing start to their relationship, eventually winning the entire competition. Their relationship is a clear cut example of ‘when you know, you know’, — and if you find yourself in a similar situation, you’ll probably do everything to make it work.

Listen to your heart.

Choosing who you want to be with is not an easy decision to make. Case in point:Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke Becca Kufrin’s heart when he ended their short engagement to be with Lauren Burnham instead. It was a difficult decision and one of the most jaw-dropping events in the history of the show, but it was one that had to happen.

If you’re having doubts early on, then those doubts may return and cause more problems in the future. Don’t choose based on what makes sense on the surface. Instead, listen to what your heart tells you — it’s pretty wise when it comes to love.


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